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Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral, Executive


Vilnius, Lithuania


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01 Apr 2008

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09 Oct 2015

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Period Covered: Jan 2012 to Jan 2014

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

ISM University of Management and Economics had its fifteen years anniversary on 11 November two years ago. The university has come a long way from a school of 400 students to the best business university in Lithuania. It has potential to become a regional leader in the future and share its experience with the world.

Founding a private university in Lithuania seventeen years ago looked like adventurism but we were never afraid of our ambitions. We had a clear goal: to become a regional leader among business schools. Now we have every chance and a great deal of potential to achieve that.

These seventeen years not only allowed the university to learn Western methods of management but also to realise that our region’s experience may be relevant to the world.

If we want to have the edge in the international market we need to be able to offer our unique, authentic contribution. We live in a region undergoing continuous social, political and economic changes. Our experience on how to manage these changes and capitalise on them is relevant and valuable to the world, i.e. to many countries and even whole continents, which anticipate similar transformations. ISM is a place where we reflect on such changes, make sense of and communicate them. Now it is time to go one step further and speak not only on behalf of Lithuania but on behalf of the whole region.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Values are the basis of our activities, the constitution we hold to in our everyday work and proclaim to our clients.

• Expertise leadership – creative professionalism.
We see expertise as creative professional excellence based on deep knowledge and practical experience and expressed as a holistic vision and as an enabler for insights, alternatives and solutions.
• Entrepreneurship – idea, initiative, implementation.
We see entrepreneurship as a desire to explore and implement new opportunities to enhance quality and generate a higher value for the organization as a whole and for each person individually. For us, entrepreneurship is the realisation of creativity.
• Social responsibility – harmony of interests of the organization, its members and society.
It is a responsible approach and open relation among the organization, its staff and society. A socially responsible organization communicates transparently, is committed to integrity in decision-making and serves the advancement of society.
• Sense of community – teaming and cooperation among the staff of the organization.
Working towards a common goal and demonstrating commitment to the University and to each other, as one’s free choice.

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