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Post Graduate, Doctoral, Executive


Ranchi, Jharkhand, India


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10 Apr 2017

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

IIM Ranchi facilitates learning in theory and practice of different functional areas of management, and is carefully designed based on inputs by key stakeholders including students, industry experts, and faculty. Apart from the academic rigour which ensures that students learn and apply key concepts and analytical tools, the Programme also provides opportunities for students to develop their communication, leadership, interpersonal and networking skills, attributes that are critical in today’s increasingly competitive world and fast-changing business environment.

The Programme equips a student with requisite knowledge and skills, required for playing leadership roles in the manufacturing and services sectors in India and abroad.

The Programme is designed to achieve the following objectives:

1. Develop competence in students to learn and adapt to the dynamic national and international environments and strive for excellence.
2. Orient the participants to apply knowledge and understanding of theories and concepts from basic disciplines and functional areas for creation, growth, and management of organizations.
3. Develop acumen to implement suitable strategies by critically analysing both internal and external organizational environment.
4. Understand various approaches and techniques relevant to the organizational processes, models and practices.
5. Develop cultural sensitivity to appreciate diverse points of view in a global environment.
6. Exhibit high degree of integrity and ethics in behaviour.

The Programme is delivered by distinguished in-house and visiting faculty members from the IIM fraternity, and academicians and experts from other renowned peer-level Institutions and organizations. The faculty members who teach in the Programme come from some of the most respected Institutions/Universities in India and across the globe. The faculty members are deeply engaged in research and management consulting, which helps them to bring their experience into curriculum design and classroom delivery, using a variety of pedagogical approaches.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Indian Institute of Management Ranchi is offering short duration Management Development Programmes (MDPs), keeping in view the ever changing business environment and the demands on business/professional executives.

The objective of the MDPs is to help improve management systems and practices by providing relevant training to the executives of different sectors of the economy operating at different levels in the organizational hierarchy. The participants will be equipped with the latest tools, techniques and skills spanning different streams of management such as General Management, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, Information Systems, Strategic Management and Industrial Relations.

In-Company Training Programmes

IIM Ranchi is open to accept requests from organizations for conducting customized training programmes for their executives at different levels to suit the requirements of their respective organizations.

The duration of these programmes would range from one day to six days depending upon the variety, magnitude and complexity of topics being offered. These programmes can be held in the premises of the client organizations.

The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is the doctoral programme of IIM Ranchi. This programme has the objective of developing outstanding scholars for teaching or research careers at business schools/universities or management research institutions or careers in Government, industry, NGOs or for that matter any organization that requires advanced analytical and research capabilities.

To accomplish this, the FPM will seek to admit students who have a strong academic background, are highly motivated and who have the intellectual curiosity to undertake original research and provide them with knowledge and research skills that can make them specialized researchers with sufficient depth of knowledge in the various existing and emerging management knowledge domains.

FPM in IIM Ranchi is a academic programme, which may require a minimum of four years to complete . Students have to undertake first two years of rigorous course work, followed by atleast two additional years for completing the research work with dissertation. The first year of the course work is common with IIM Ranchi’s Post Graduate Programme and is aimed at providing a participant with a broad understanding of the field of management.

The Second Year of the coursework is to ensure that candidates develop deep understanding in their knowledge domain and ability to do rigorous research in their chosen area of specialization. The Area Comprehensive Examination at the end of the second year is designed to assess whether the candidate has acquired requisite level of proficiency in his/her area of specialization. In the subsequent years, the candidate works on the doctoral dissertation which is expected to be an original contribution in the area of management.

Students admitted to the programme receive comprehensive financial support that covers all academic and living costs. The Institute has excellent library, computing and faculty resources.

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