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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Birmingham Business School aims to integrate issues of responsibility and sustainability into student education throughout its portfolio of programmes.

Undergraduate (BSc) modules focusing on these issues include: Global Business Ethics, Business and Society, Sustainable Development: Economy and Environment, Environmental Economics, and Social and Environmental Accounting.

Postgraduate (MSc and MBA) modules focusing on these issues include: Ethics in Global Business, and Social and Environmental Accounting. Furthermore, a new MSc module for 2016-17 is called Professional Integrity and the Reflective Practitioner. The School also runs a dedicated MSc programme on Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

Undergraduates and postgraduates are encouraged to bring issues of corporate responsibility and sustainability into their dissertation projects. Recent examples include a study of corporate social responsibility reporting of oil companies following major incidents such as oil spills, a study of governance systems in the nuclear power industry, and a study of the political conditions that give rise to the existence of international tax havens.

Many of the School’s PhD students are studying topics related to corporate responsibility and sustainability. Examples include a study of certifications relating to sustainability of rainforest products, and a study of sustainability reporting in state-owned enterprises in Thailand.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Birmingham Business School academics engage in research into numerous areas of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Examples of recently published research authored (or co-authored) by Birmingham Business School academics include:

- New development: managing and accounting for sustainable development across generations in public services, Public Management and Money (2015)

- The emergence of <IR> integrated reporting, Accounting and Business Research (2016)

- Globalization, firm co-location and wage inequality in China: a spatial analysis, World development (2015)

- Bringing tropical forest biodiversity conservation into financial accounting calculation, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal (2013)

- Peru, mountains and El Ninos: dialogic action, accounting and sustainable transformation, Critical perspectives on accounting (2015)

- Determinants influencing CSR practices in small and medium sized MNEs subsidiaries: a stakeholder perspective, Journal of World Business (2015)

- The role of supplier relationship management in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from food supply chains: supplier engagement in the UK supermarket sector, Journal of Cleaner Production (2016)

- Shooting for the Moon? Relationships between corporate environmental aspirations and achievements, Academy of Management Proceedings (2015)

- Corporate social responsibility and financial performance in Islamic banks, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization (2014)

- The social, environmental and ethical performance of Chinese companies: evidence from the Shanghai stock exchange, International Review of Financial Analysis (2015)

- Bank ownership structure, lending corruption and the regulatory environment, Journal of comparative economics (2015)

Furthermore, Birmingham Business School academics, in partnership with the Industry and Parliament Trust, published, in 2015, the Sustainability Commission Report, as ‘a guide for governments and businesses, identifying different approaches to ensuring a sustainable economy, environment and society.

Recent external research funding relating to corporate responsibility and sustainability include: a grant from the British Academy (£10,000) for a project examining the careers of successful women in STEM subjects with the aim of developing policy recommendations, a grant from Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission (£30,000) for a project on non-educational barriers to access in the elite professions, and a grant from EPSRC-ESRC (£62,000) for a project on building sustainable local nexuses of food, energy and water.

Birmingham Business School continues to conduct research in these areas and to seek opportunities to engage with businesses on these issues.

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