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University of Minho


Braga, Portugal


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04 Mar 2016

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12 Jun 2018

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Period Covered: Jan 2016 to May 2018

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

From a strategic point of view, the School of Economics and Management (EEG) has established the importance of ethics, corporate responsibility and sustainability issues as constituting a fundamental curricular content in all of its curricular plans of EEG degrees (Undergraduate and Graduate, including PhD) and in academic activities. Thus, these values are clearly and fully incorporated in all the Learning Outcomes.
The course on ‘Ethics and Social Responsibility’ is offered by the EEG’s faculty to all students of the entire university, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. Its learning outcomes include the analysis of the ethical dimension of management and the interpretation of ethical dilemmas within the management practice.
Moreover, there are several courses on ethical and citizenship behavior, which are more specific to particular scientific areas such as:
Social Responsibility, Ethics and Consumer Protection; Citizenship and Identities; Ethics and Deontology in the profession of Accountancy (undergraduate level) and Ethics and Social Responsibility in Management; Management of Diversity and the Internationalization of Human Resources; Marketing Management and Corporate Ethics; Ethics and Deontology in Accountancy; Social and Environmental Accountancy; Accountancy of Human Capital and of the Environment; Equality, Diversity and Privacy; Critical Marketing, and Corporate and Marketing Ethics; Corporate and Marketing Ethics; Social and Environmental Accountancy (graduate level).
Additionally, the EEG assembles conferences, seminars and workshops incorporated in EEGenerating Skills Programme (tailored to the development of students’ transversal or soft skills), whose purpose is to share relevant experiences by companies and civil society organisations that promote social responsibility and sustainability. Particularly related to ethical training and the development of individual and corporate social responsibility practices are: the volunteer Day (in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity) and workshops for the Resolution of Ethical Dilemmas.

Currently, we are developing a program specially designed for executives and senior staff of private firms and public organizations on social and environment responsibility.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The School of Economics and Management (EEG) faculty and graduate students has been developing a research agenda that either focuses directly on ethics and social responsibility or on other topics (social welfare, social protection, consumer and organizational behavior) with implications and contributions to it.
The works includes titles such as:
- Social welfare loss due to second-best pricing: An application to the Portuguese telecommunications (2001)
- Principais perspectivas teóricas sobre a ética em contexto de marketing (2005)
- O trabalho, a Ética e a Utopia (2006)
- As percepções éticas dos consumidores influenciam a sua atitude de compra? Uma investigação empírica (2007)
- Positioning stakeholder theory within the debate on corporate social responsibility (2007)
- A Responsabilidade Social das Empresas e o Desempenho Organizacional (2008)
- Factors influencing social responsibility disclosure by Portuguese companies (2008)
- Social responsibility disclosure: A study of proxies for the public visibility of Portuguese banks (2008)
- The performance of European socially responsible funds (2009)
- Ethics and leadership: The cornerstones for regional and economic succes in organisations of the XXI century (2009)
- Conflitos entre “stakeholders” em relação às actividades de responsabilidade social: uma abordagem dialéctica (2010)
- Estudo da divulgação de informação sobre a responsabilidade social empresarial (2011)
- Responsabilidade social e desempenho organizacional: uma abordagem holística aos conflitos entre stakeholders (2012)
- Para uma abordagem institucionalista do Voluntariado – o caso do Voluntário da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa (2012)
- Socially responsible investing in the global market: The performance of US and European funds (2012)
- Style and performance of international socially responsible funds in Europe (2014)
- Maturação e convergência: a evolução da proteção social em Portugal (2014)

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