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Sohar, Al Batinah, Oman


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22 Feb 2016

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The generic objectives of the programmes offered by the Sohar University from sub-degree (diploma/advanced diploma) to postgraduate (MBA/DBA) level demonstrate the Faculty’s commitment to study and application of all functional areas to achieving CSR and social sustainability goals. In this sense the study of sustainability and a variety of models of application are compulsory features of every student’s study journey at the SU Faculty of Business.
Strategic management at undergraduate and masters levels are compulsory courses across all the programme areas, and they both have a significant component devoted to the study of sustainability. The courses demand integration of conceptual understanding derived from functional or industry specific areas of the curriculum, with an additional demand to explore the integration of sustainability policies and CSR. At the Faculty the study of Strategy is: "To provide the understanding and experience of current strategic thinking and practice which identifies corporate success, excellence and strategic leadership to contribute to innovative decision making at senior and corporate level." However, all the courses offered at the Faculty, which are compulsory for some programmes are electives for others, have endorses sustainability, ethical behaviour and CSR at its core.
The Faculty also offers a compulsory University-wide requirement course in Entrepreneurship and Creativity which is essentially taught from the sustainability perspective. Faculty’s academic staff have made contributions to academic conferences, books and journals developing these themes, especially in tourism, management and accounting.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Faculty of Business plans to support similar developments in other faculties for curriculum development and interdisciplinary initiatives, especially using the University-wide Entrepreneurship and Creativity course. It is planning interdisciplinary research projects in this field, as at the moment it participates in the University’s Environment Research Centre.
The Faculty has ongoing interaction with companies, public service and 3rd sector organisations with which it shares policy development, training initiatives and research activity. It has established very good working relationships with the companies operating in the Sohar Port Free Zone, the largest outlet of this kind in the Arabian Gulf. Development of the training programmes with the Sohar Aluminium, the largest Aluminium producer in the Gulf and also Vale subsidiary in Oman are under way. The contacts with Oil and Gas companies are in their early, but promising phases. Faculty has also contacted research into local fishermen community, assessed their skill needs in the modern economy and also assisted them to re-organise their sole proprietor business models.
Sustainable and CSR models are also to be redesigned to act as training vehicles to service local and national organisations with possible accreditation for trainees.
The Faculty is developing the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation that should serve as a regional hub for aspiring entrepreneurs, depository of knowledge and skill development centre, where the focus on sustainable management will be at its core.

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