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06 Aug 2015

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02 Aug 2017

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

What We Have Achieved ...

• University of Glamorgan and University Wales Newport merged in 2013 to form the University of South Wales. This has had great benefits in terms of bringing together strengths in sustainability, social responsibility and responsible management education into the merged institution
• The institution has a strong existing foundation in delivering modules linked to sustainability and responsible management education across disciples in the institution. As the largest higher education in Wales, the extent of existing provision already makes us leaders in the field at a national level. Existing modules include:
Business Responsibility and Ethics
Corporate Responsibility: Safety, Risk and Resilience
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
The Ethical and Reflective Practitioner
Managing Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
Managing Visitors for Sustainable Development
Tools for Sustainable Development
Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship
Introduction to Personal Development and Ethical Awareness
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health and Social Care
• Photography for Fashion & Advertising students have been working with the Centre for Alternative technology in Wales (as industry partner) to develop a series of images to raise awareness of issues such as global warning etc. The challenge for students is to visually communicate to an international audience.
• Social Policy students are undertaking doctoral research on aspects of food security and sustainability.
• High profile global affairs lecture series that have highlighted conflict as an impediment to sustainable development. Contributors have included former Foreign Secretaries Rt. Hon. Peter Hain and Rt. Hon. Jack Straw

What We Are Planning to Achieve in Academic Year 2015/16 ...

• In the next academic year we are planning to grow our curriculum offer further. An MSc Global Governance will be introduced into the curriculum that will focus on sustainable development and responsible management. The course will be directly underpinned by the United Nations Principles in Responsible Management Education. The course will be housed in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences where they will focus on human rights, labour rights, anti-corruption and environmental degradation. Students will then take a range of modules from the Law School and Business School to ensure they have a view of the core issues from different perspectives.
• We hope to engage with fellow signatories to organize placement learning opportunities and we would request support from UNGC/PRME to facilitate this.
• The School of Law and Accounting is currently developing a new module on the LLM programmes – Transnational Crime that considers cross border criminal activities including forms of corruption, corporate criminal responsibility at an international level and environmental crime.
• From autumn 2015, we will aim to ensure that all courses in the undergraduate Business Studies portfolio contain elements of ethics and sustainable business practices.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

What We Have Achieved ....

• We have a strong commitment to research informed teaching and therefore we ensure that there is a direct flow of learning from the research centres through to the curriculum. Many of our research centres are outwards facing and have a public profile. We are a teaching focused higher education institution
• We have a world class research centre: Sustainable Environment Research Centre. The centre includes 7 research students, 21 academics and 2 Emeritus Professors. The centre focuses on waste treatment and the sustainable production of energy from waste and grown biomass. The research centre is linked to SUPERGEN UK Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortium (UK-SHEC) The consortium’s partners, 7 Universities and Institutes together with the Greater London Authority, are tackling issues ranging from the sustainable generation of hydrogen to how it may be stored and public attitudes to using it.
• A second research centre with relevant activities is the Business Accountability and Responsibility Centre (BARC), housed in the Law School. The Centre includes academics from within the UK and international members, as well as legal professionals and experts on business accountability drawn from diverse backgrounds. Current international collaborative projects include a comparative study of the law on corporate manslaughter in the UK and in India. Particular areas of interest for a number of members include the potential accountability of SMEs in Wales in relation to liability for defective products and injuries and fatalities amongst the workforce. Liability for damage to the environment is also under discussion.

What We Are Planning to Achieve in Academic Year 2015/16 ...

• BARC is aiming to grow its outward facing activities by liaising closely with business groups, retailers, lawyers, accountants and academics with a shared interest in responsible business activities. BARC’s ‘Material Dangers’ project will link with a range of companies to inform academic research and to improve knowledge development in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability.
• MSc Global Governance students will become part of our research community and deliver research papers at a conference in collaboration with BARC. Students will have the opportunity to present their work alongside academics and business leaders. The event will be chaired by the former Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover, Geoff Cousins. Academics and business representatives will be invited to attend and engage with the students. We would like to consult the office of the UNGC/PRME to explore the opportunity of the event being jointly badged with the United Nation. If this is possible, we would be keen to develop the conference that reaches out to a wider range of higher education institutions in Wales to highlight the UNGC agenda.

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