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Dhaka, Bangladesh


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02 Jul 2015

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Daffodil International University is working for developing competent and balanced future leaders. To fulfill this objective the University has introduced “Art of Living” programs in the curriculum. The mission is to inject human values in students which indirectly, it is hoped will help students understand their "Social Responsibilities" towards other human beings when working in the industry. This course will, in fact, nurture students to become a good ethical human being. Moreover, students will achieve competency to cope with the rapid changing world considering the university as a place to create knowledge and skills to survive.
We paid effort in the past and our effort resulted
• Developed Competent Human Resources
• Ensured Employ ability
• Graduates with cross cultural competency
• Developing balanced human with the sense of Art of Giving and Art of Living

We are developing our courses on regular basis to develop the future generation

• Balanced Human being who are academically sound and have sense of responsibilities with leadership quality
• Entrepreneurial skills and mindset
• Have cross cultural competency to serve at any part of globe
• Have skills which have industry demand
• Strong analytical skills
• Strong skills in ICT
• Have enough knowledge on Sustainable Development issues
• Technically sound future generation with language proficiency.
• Sense on Art of Skill

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Daffodil International University has become successful to transmit the value among the students to serve and to do good to the society. Our effort was to create balance human resources through creating knowledge in the field of CSR and Corporate Sustainability. We are sharing this knowledge through its teaching activities and care for its social, economic and ecological environment through good operational practices.
Our University’s main contribution of the CRS/CS research cluster is the creation of research that transcends not only disciplinary boundaries but also the division of academic research and corporate practice.
The research conducted and the tools and techniques developed helped the university to extend the common focus of the institutions, integrated the environmental and social aspects in economic decision making. We want to develop the students to get involved in knowledge transfer activities to share and disseminate knowledge on sustainable management practices and strategies amongst practitioners from the corporate sector.

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