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15 May 2015

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The school of management has recently undergone a radical transformation of the curriculum. There are a number of modules that address isses relating to corporate social responsibility and business ethics. Sustainability in the broadest 'triple bottom line' sense is embedded in tthese and other modules:

1. Business Ethics (UG year 3)
2. Corporate Social Resonsibility (UG year 3)
3. Corporate Governance and Ethics (UG year 2)
4. Corporate Governance and Ethics (PG)
5. Marketing Ethics (UG year 3)
6. Social Marketing (PG)

It is planned ot continue to embed ethics, CSR and sustainability in other modules as well as these explicit ones. A number of teaching staff have interests in diverse areas such as ethical consumerism, and there is the possibility of such topics forming the basis for futher development.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The research agenda in the school is undergoing transformation in addition to the curriculum.

A revised approach to the recruitment of doctoral students has see the employment of two funded doctoral students recruited specifically to research CSR in small to medium sized enterprises. This work is taking place with the support of The Federation of Small Businesses, building on the school's new business and community engagement strategy.

Future developments include the likely establishment of a research unit examining CSR in small business.

The school is keen to develop links with other institutions, and to this end Dr Simon Brooks has been invited to be a Visiting Fellow at The International Centre for CSR at Nottingham University. It is anticipated that reciprocal arrangement will be established.

The school and university is also exploring membership of Business in the Community.

The school is about to move to a brand new environmentally friendly campus, and two initiatives will spring from this. Firstly increased engagement with business to further the CSR and sustainability agenda will take place, and secondly, there is likely to increased focus on working alongside the engineering faculty who are pioneering work in renewable energy.

Overall this is a period of change, which brings with it opportunities for embedding sustainable and responsible practice and research.

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