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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

PSB Paris School of Business’ CSR policy is built around three priorities focused on citizen engagement. These policies are aimed at the entire School community. The priorities are:
- Integrate conscious leaders to school mission
- Adhere to the School’s stated social policy, in particular the policy against all forms of discrimination,
- Integrate an environmental management policy by taking account the environmental impacts of the procurement of materials and their transportation (energy, water, air, waste and biodiversity).

PSB is a learning community that embraces its mission in a collegial environment characterized by:
- Respect for all members.
- Working to provide a high quality service to each other, to our students, to the research community, and to society at large.
- Commitment to excellence in all endeavors that we undertake.

To uphold the mission the main values associated with the vision are Openmindness, “Audace “and Responsibility. These values guide us as we strive to achieve our goals and serve our internal and external stakeholders.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The PSB teaching philosophy is based on ensuring that students understand that there are additional facets to management decision-making other than that decisions are typically based on incomplete data in complex and unpredictable situations.
Students are also made to be aware of pervasive issues that contribute to decision-making, such as:
- ethical behaviour,
- sustainability,
- corporate social responsibility,
- risk management,
- Social entrepreneurship.

Paris School of Business team believes that achieving sustainable leadership business and management is one of the major challenges facing all organisations. Therefore this topic is embedded throughout the programme. Although every module gives some consideration to the concept of sustainable leadership, business and management, the topic is addressed primarily in the business seminar “Corporate Social Responsibility” modules allow students to holistically examine the issues associated with sustainability, the core modules of Human resources management and strategy core modules, and across the various specialisms. In some cases, the organised events are also subject to preparation in class depending on the content, subject and specialisms concerned by the action, project or event to take place.

PSB’s research strategy is to concentrate on three main areas. These focus on the research strengths of the faculty. These fields are in line with the course content of the MBM programme. Research is supported by three ‘Chairs’. - a ‘chair’ here implies a specific research project or cluster. These act as foci for researchers with specific competences. The Chairs are in:
- Energy Risk Management
- Digital Business
- Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Business

There are formalized partnerships with organisations willing to collaborate with us to explore issues in these areas. Our research organisation allows us to identify and research business and social issues. We aim to combine academic rigour with a practical approach, research for practice. While individual faculty members may join one of the three research foci, they may also choose to pursue other areas of interest.

Paris School of Business develops partnership for research, education and dialogue with shareholders of the school (students, professor, administration, partners) on different social and sustainable development topics with :
- Associations : UPTIH, Les Petits Frères des Pauvres, ENACTUS
- non-profit organizations : OXFAM, Acted,
- firms : La Poste, Kantar, Ullule,…
- and institutions : UNICEF France, EFS, Mairie de Paris (11ème arrondissement), CGE, Trophées Solidaires

PSB organize and host over 20 actions annually with objective to communicate on the various subjects related to CSR including sustainability, handicap, student’s scholastic difficulties, communication and partnerships.

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