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02 Sep 2014

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Curriculum integration
• Students must engage with original multimedia case studies delivered by our Global Leaders Faculty
• Global Leaders faculty include pioneering thought leaders in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability drawn from world leading corporate, academic, government and non-governmental organisations
• This learning must be supplemented by further research and analysis conducted through academic journals and industry publications
• Students will be supported in this learning by academic experts in the field

Programme Design
• Through our unique MBA design students will be required to apply their curriculum learning to deliver innovative solutions to industry supplied projects with a focus on responsibility and sustainability
• This approach fully integrates a problem-based learning approach at the core of our programme design and ensures our partner organisations will benefit from quality deliverables that directly impact important challenges in this field

Executive Education
• Executives from major corporations, government and non-governmental bodies will be represented in the student body of our MBA
• Further learning opportunities will be presented through industry project collaboration, workshops, talks and conferences hosted by Ducere and attended by leaders of our extensive industry networks.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Academic Research
• Our students must demonstrate research success as part of their course accreditation, which will include the ideation, development, application and reflection upon innovative solutions for challenges faced in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability
• This will include drawing upon extensive original material in the form of our global leaders faculty content and the application of these original ideas to a variety of industry scenarios

Knowledge Development
• The course programme design in built upon heavy interaction between our student body and partner institutions to ensure the successful development of each party in this field through academic and practical collaboration
• Through our industry projects our students will facilitate the sharing of pioneering thought leadership drawn from our global leaders faculty across industries and sectors

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