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Post Graduate, Doctoral, Executive


Arequipa, Arequipa, Peru


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07 Aug 2013

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11 Aug 2017

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The essence of San Francisco Xavier Business School SFX, resides in education
and continuous learning, fostering entrepreneurship; innovation and creativity, working with ethics and social responsibility and promote training of new leaders professionals who are able to function as a being a human for life, work and business.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

San Francisco Business School - SFX has worked in the training and continuing education for graduates to strengthen their capacities and capabilities. SFX trains employees from different companies and public and private institutions which results in the generation of business value, but above all to society.
Also, San Francisco Xavier through courses, programs and trainings aims create organizational capabilities to meet the environmental, social and economic challenges of today and tomorrow.
SFX has accumulated extensive experience in counseling and support to companies in the areas of entrepreneurship education and consulting in the field of corporate social responsibility:

- Diploma in Environment and Environmental Management

The environmental field requires specialists, managers and professionals who contribute to the prevention of acts that generate environmental damage, manage environmental risks and know the tools of environmental management. Therefore SFX implements this diploma with the purpose of strengthening the professional capacities of the persons engaged in management, operation, policy, monitoring, auditing, etc.., related to environmental issues as part of corporate social responsibility.

- Master in Management and Public Policy

The master had as priority to contribute to the training of civil servants and professionals who aport to the modernization and efficiency of the state from a decentralized approach, where the agents of change in public administration are the professionals in each of the regional governments, municipalities and decentralized agencies.
It incorporates all the systems of governance, public policy and professional skills training to enable better performance of graduates of mastery, the same resulting in the improvement of professional skills and institutional strengthening of organizations State.

- Training "Strengthening and Integral Development of the capacities of teachers and directors, of initial and secondary education in the province of Islay, Arequipa - Peru".

We design and developed a consultancy commissioned by the Association Cerro Verde, to train teachers in the province of Islay, Arequipa that is located in its sphere of influence. We train teachers in the community on topics such as teaching methods, leadership, coaching and update knowledge in order for that the contents are transmitted optimally to students.

- "Implementation and Training of Schools of Peace Courts"

Project promoted by the Association of Judges of Arequipa, run by San Francisco Xavier and funded by the Association Cerro Verde that sought to promote the formation of secondary level students with knowledge culture of peace and respect for human rights, developing skills and competences in students so that in later life can resolve conflicts through dialogue practice, ensuring their active participation in the formation of a society with values ​​of justice and peace, the main aim was to convey communication techniques and means of solving conflicts school what allow the effective and efficient formation of Schools of Peace Courts to solve social problems like bullying.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

SFX created the service advice and support to companies in social responsibility projects and environment CSR - ECSR. The aim of this service is to work with the business sector in the optimal implementation and enforcement of its Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

The formation of the executives responsible for SFX, is based on three pillars: social, economic and environmental. This allows us to develop oriented capabilities social responsibility and sustainability. Therefore, we train employees of different companies in our region, with values​​, teamwork ability, commitment to wellness, sustainability and the environment, which make us a tool to make our society a place socially responsible.

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