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Monterey Institute of International Studies, A Graduate School of Middlebury College


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04 Mar 2013

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Fisher International MBA program has a long tradition of training professionals to be aware of triple bottom line issues. 40% or higher of our student body consistently is comprised of students from outside the US, and almost all domestic students have had significant international experience even before entering the program. Students have a strong interest in global issues, speak multiple languages, and many are focused on how business can be a catalyst to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The MBA program delivers a strong foundation in core business skills, but provides numerous elective opportunities so that students may round out this expertise by specializing in areas such as international development, sustainable business and the environment, localization management, social enterprise development, social impact investing, or other areas that combine business skills with development needs.
In 2009, the Monterey Institute, as part of a merger with Middlebury College, undertook internal reorganization to eliminate silos or barriers between the business school and policy school. The new Graduate School of International Policy and Management has resulted in program and curriculum redesign, collaboration between faculty on both curriculum and research, development of joint programs in the areas of business/environment and business/development, and new specialized immersive learning experiences such as the Frontier Market Scouts program. Students have increased opportunities to be in classes with policy, environment, nonproliferation/terrorism studies, and/or public administration students, all exploring issues such as ESG (environment, social and governmental) risk assessment; business and sustainability; international development and social investment; trade and development; and emerging market business development. This blend of students from various disciplines allows for in depth understanding of the complex issues at stake for business success, societal growth, and the role that business can play to improve the livelihood of people around the globe.
Students may also participate in the Peace Corps Master’s International MBA program. For over 17 years, Fisher MBA students have combined pursuit of the MBA with a 2 year Peace Corps assignment, applying those business skills to developing economy entrepreneurial ventures.
Our Frontier Market Scouts program trains students to act as talent scouts and investment managers serving local entrepreneurs and social-minded investors in low-income and capital weak regions of the world, enabling enterprising poor to scale poverty alleviation solutions in capital-weak areas of emerging markets. Scouts serve six month assignments in key sites around the globe.
All Fisher MBA students conduct a capstone international business plan for a client company. Students not only do expected market analysis, financial projections, and implementation plans for the client, but also undertake environmental assessments or sustainability audits for the client, helping the client understand how these practices contribute positively to their bottom line.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Finance professor Sandra Dow has been developing an assessment model to evaluate environmental, social and governance risk. Her research and knowledge will be applied in a series of corporate executive education sessions in conjunction with deBaak Insitute in the Netherlands. Additionally, Professor Dow is collaborating with Peter Robertson to deliver executive education on “Organizational Ecology and Business Ethics”.
The Monterey Institute has been selected as the only west coast partner with Disaster Recover Institute International (DRII). Executive training programs are being offered in spring of 2013, helping businesses and organizations plan for disaster management. Participants will receive the Business Continuity Certificate, and design a continuity plan for their business or organization.
Our Frontier Market Scouts program is conducting ongoing research based on the interaction with entrepreneurs in frontier markets around the globe. This research deals with how social entrepreneurs in emerging markets deal with the trade offs between purpose and profit in hopes of learning may be applied to for-profit business.

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