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10 Oct 2012

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

In recent years, a number of curriculum integration efforts and course additions were completed that support our efforts in promoting social responsibility and sustainability in business management practices:

• We expose our students to ethical issues in all of our disciples and show them that ethical behavior is the cornerstone to responsible management practices. This is especially emphasized in our leadership courses.
• Dr. Deanna Kennedy has coordinated the creation of a global repository of resources pertaining to operations management to facilitate the integration of gender issues into management education on behalf of PRME.
• Our MBA programs have retreats that start at the beginning of the first year in which ethical decision making is a core element.
• Both undergraduate and graduate students have engaged regional businesses in the completion of approximately 100 consulting contracts in recent years. The projects have been completed across four different courses: Operations and Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Project Management, and, at the MBA level, Operations Management. Social responsibility and sound management practices were emphasized in the student’s work.
• The class, Business, Government and Society, became a required course in our undergraduate curriculum at our Eastside Leadership Center (ELC) campus.
• We added a required course of History and Globalization in the curriculum of our undergraduate program at the ELC. It emphasizes system theory and the impacts corporate actions have on the environment and stakeholders.
• Established a Sustainable Business course for both our undergraduate and MBA programs.
• Launched a certificate program in Social Enterprise Leadership.
• Our active chapter of Beta Alpha Psi has won KPMG’s Diversity Award for two years in a row. The two projects were: connecting veterans with members of the Muslim community in Seattle and investigating age discrimination in the workplace.
• The UW Bothell School of Business organizes an annual travel course to Southeast Asia during which the students explore responsible business management practices in the region as well as learn about the activities of selected non-profit organizations.

Going forward, we plan on:

• Our faculty will continue to deepen our integration efforts of the six principles of PRME in the various disciplines and courses in our business school.
• After MBA retreats, subsequent MBA courses will reinforce the learned methods of effectively expressing the themes of ethical decision making and methods in order to change corporate culture.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

• Dr. Kevin Laverty’s presentation, “Sustainable Business: Oxymoron? Smokescreen? Or Strategic Imperative?” was given in the spring of 2012 at the campus-level Research in Progress Series, which each year is organized by the university’s Office of Research.
• Dr. Alan Boss co-authored a paper entitled: “Corporate Responsibility and the Benefits of Employee Trust: A Cross disciplinary Perspective”. It was published in the Journal of Business Ethics in 2011.
• Dr. Surya Pathak joined with Dr. Kevin Dooley of Arizona State University’s Center for Supply Chain Management to study the environmental impact of the structure of supply chains. This work is ongoing and has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to support the development of quantitative and empirical analysis. This work ultimately has the potential of changing the thought process of business leaders and academic researchers,
• Dr. Ying Li co-authored a paper in 2012 that investigated the impact of diversity on corporate philanthropy. It will be published in a forthcoming edition of Journal of Business Ethics.

Going forward, we plan on:

• Dr. Deanna Kennedy will expand the PRME global repository with various research materials regarding gender issues in operations management. She also plans to complete research into the gaps that exist between current teaching and research in the field and what future teaching and research should include regarding gender issues.
• We intend to host an annual corporate responsibility roundtable at which regional business leaders will highlight their views as to what responsible management practices and sustainability are in their organizations and the challenges they face in embracing desired change.
• As part of our ongoing implementation of university-wide learning goals and the development of a strategic assessment process within the UWB School of Business, we will be updating this report later this academic year.

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