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Business School

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Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral, Executive

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Coventry University


Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom


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03 Aug 2011

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02 Mar 2015

Sharing Information on Progress (2015)

Coventry University, Faculty of Business, Environment and Society, SIP report - View Report

This report reflects the significant progress made in the last two years in promoting and embedding PRME across the Faculty, including departments beyond the Business School. The report also outlines how we have developed a student-focused approach to embedding PRME within the curriculum and the establishment of new research centres that are closely allied to PRME. The report outlines our future plans on how we will seek to further deepen our commitment to PRME.

Sharing Information on Progress (2013)

Implementing PRME in Coventry University’s Faculty of Business, Environment and Society - View Report

Coventry University was among the founding contributors to PRME and we believe that it is only by a solid grounding in evidence that we can implement PRME. We are in the early stages of a journey designed to create an environment where our students will be nurtured to become the ethical and sustainable business-leaders of our shared future. Following the Faculty’s commitment in August 2011 to implement PRME this document sets out on-going progress over the past year and outlines plans for the future.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Business School has made progress in developing modules relating to CSR and ethical behaviour within their main business courses. This has been supported by new specialist staff being recruited. However Coventry University Business School is embedded within a much larger Faculty of Business, Environment and Society and the main objectives moving forward are to expand the Faculty's commitment to PRME beyond the Business School. The non-Business School part of the Faculty consists of the the Coventry Law School and Departments of English and Languages; Geography, Environment Science and Disaster Management; and International Studies and Social Science. The specific actions being taken are:

~ to raise the profile of PRME across the Faculty the responsibilityfor implementing PRME has been moved to the Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching (Paul Cashian), a post at Associate Dean level
~ a statement of student entitlement is being developed that issues of sustainability and ethical behaviour will be embedded within their course and delivered within the context of their discipline area
~ to ensure the PRME are embedded within the Faculty's formal procedures course teams will be expected to report on how they are meeting and developing the student entitlement as part of the annual course review process
~ the facilitation of a dialogue between the Faculty's teaching departments and applied research centres with the purpose of enriching the curriculum with 'live' CSR/ ethical behviour issues drawn from consultancy and research activities

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

As part of strategic review of research by the University the Faculty has established two Faculty Research Centres (FRCs)

- Centre for Business in Society (CBiS)
- Centre for Communities and Social Justice (CCSJ)

These FRCs are continuing to address issues related to CSR and ethical behaviour from a range of cross-disciplinary perspectives.

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