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11 Feb 2011

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20 Jul 2015

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Clark Graduate School of Management 2013-'15 PRME Report - View Report

Period Covered: Jan 2013 to May 2015

This report describes the ways we reinforce the Principles for Responsible Management Education within GSOM and the University. From faculty research, course curricula, and engagement with the business community, this update will show how GSOM continues to integrate PRME into our programs and initiatives.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Since the mid-90s, Clark University's Graduate School of Management (GSOM) has offered undergraduate and graduate courses focused on sustainable business practices; e.g., "Greening the Corporation" (graduate course) and "Green Business Management" (undergraduate course). Within the last academic year, the original green business courses were updated and enhanced to include a major component focused on experiential learning. This was implemented by enabling the students to develop actionable sustainability plans for local organizations including corporations, non-profits and municipalities.

In 2009, GSOM launched an MBA in Social Change and MBA/MA in Environmental Science and Policy in collaboration with Clark's International Development, Community, and Environment department.

In 2010, GSOM launched the implementation of an extensive portfolio of graduate business courses focused on environmental sustainability including the following:
- Corporate Strategy & Sustainability
- Green Marketing
- Green Supply Chain Management
- Eco-Entrepreneurship
- Energy Management
- Finance and Sustainability
- Materials & Energy Sustainability

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Clark University Graduate School of Management (GSOM) has been a leader in sustainability research and knowledge development. In a recent Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey we were ranked 42nd in research and continue to increase our research output. This result is with only 17 GSOM full-time tenure track faculty. In this survey we are compared to some institutions with ten times as many faculty. Our research to faculty ratio would easily place us in the top ten universities world-wide on sustainability research. We are proud of this achievement and will continue to support and guide faculty in these research areas.

Some examples of the research streams of our faculty related to sustainability topics that is very applied and linked to actual business practice and knowledge include:
1) Green Supply Chain Management; 2) Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing and Operations; 3) Green Technology Investment; 4) Making the Business Case for Sustainability; 5) Reverse Logistics; 6) Community Based Sustainability; 7) Poverty Alleviation; 8) Gender Research; 9) Leadership and Pro-Environmental Behavior; 10) Unions in Society; 11) CEO Compensation and Environmental Performance; 12) Environmental and Sustainability Decision Making and Performance Measurement; and 13) Green Accounting and Auditing.

Many of these research studies were closely aligned with specific companies and organizations. In addition to these programs we have been sponsoring a community Sustainable Leadership Program for the Central Massachusetts region. We use this forum to exchange knowledge and ideas.

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