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25 Nov 2010

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02 Jul 2018

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Period Covered: Jun 2016 to Jun 2018

Some programs ESIC has achieved and are planning to achieve in terms of academic research and knowledge development with companies, amongst others, include: Project Orbayu; Academic Research:EsicMarket Magazine;Esic Market;ASTER awards;The Spanish Journal of Research in Marketing ESIC;and ESIC Research Centres to promote the research of social responsibility and has therefore created different research groups with specific aims.

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

ESIC is an academic institution whose mission includes a commitment to educate professionals, who are fully aware of their responsibility to society and its development; a society that promotes human dignity within a context of intercultural dialogue.

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The ESIC Community Declaration of Values was approved in December 2008.
Some programs ESIC has achieved and are planning to achieve in curriculum integration program design, courses and other learning, include:

The Creation of a Social Responsibility Board in ESIC: The creation of an academic supervisor/manager who analyzes and develops the creation and follow-up of topics that have to be dealt with in a social perspective in the postgraduate and executive education programs of ESIC. This is done through seminars that deal with Social Responsibility. Similarly this focus needs to be included in the rest of the modules in the programs case studies, papers, evaluations.

Postgraduate Programs in Sustainable Leadership: ESIC develops leadership programs through our MBA courses, where Sustainable Leadership is promoted.

Integral Management Development Program (PIDD in Spanish): In the Executive Education area, one can find the development of integral skills and knowledge needed for a sustainable leadership, not only in high ranking posts but also in the management of other professionals such as Marketing or Sales.

ESIC Conferences: In ESIC Conferences businesses, professionals and management participate in the latest trends within the world of Marketing and business communication.
The presentations, given by prestigious national and international professionals, aim to provide ideas, study cases and present market research, in order to help the attendees to rethink their professional and personal strategies. Among the topics discussed, we can find Sustainable Leadership.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Some programs ESIC has achieved and are planning to achieve in terms of academic research and knowledge development with companies, amongst others, include:
Project Orbayu: Orbayu is a non-lucrative foundation from the Religious order ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus’ – the proprietors of ESIC, the objective of which is to provide micro credits to the Third World using the webpage
ESIC and AVIVA also participate in the foundation.
Project ‘Generating Changes’: ESIC Business School has developed the ‘Generating Changes’ project, promoted by the Institute of Employment and Equality within the Community of Madrid. These days we are experiencing a better integration of equality in the workplace between men and women. The National Women’s Association, with co-funding from the European Social Fund, has opened the project up to 400 SMEs from Madrid with the aim to participate actively in it.
ESIC supports the development and implantation of an Equality Plan for companies to implement and promote the equal balance between men and women in the workforce.
Today is Marketing - Annual meeting: the largest gathering of professionals and management of marketing and communication. An exclusive event where we discover the key concepts for successful business in the future. Among the topics discussed is Marketing and Values, which we can see in one of the links:
Continuous Improvement System: The community of ESIC is united in the continuous improvement program which fosters relationships between students, staff and companies. We achieve this by having them form committees related to our institution, which seek to improve our society. This project is accredited by ANECA a national agency whose mission is to accredit Quality Higher Education Systems in Spain and conform to the new European Higher Education Area.
Academic Research:
EsicMarket Magazine:
Esic Market is published periodically and is aimed at the promotion of Academic Research and the spreading of business knowledge with a heavy emphasis on different areas of marketing.
The aim is to boost research development and to serve as a link between teachers and researchers from all over the world in English and Spanish.
By doing this, we hope to create a common space of reflection and dialogue between the academic world and the world of business.
ASTER awards: For the last thirteen years, Esic has been presenting the ASTER awards in recognition of the merits of companies and individuals in their professional activity. The name ASTER refers to the trophy or statuette, which is given to the winners during an award ceremony organized by ESIC.
The jury is composed of outstanding people from the world of business, education and politics. The Aster awards are coordinated by a committee, which is made up of members from different areas of Esic. ( )
The Spanish Journal of Research in Marketing ESIC – REIMKE
The Spanish Journal of Research in Marketing is a biannual peer-reviewed journal aimed at debating and publishing the latest trends in the field of marketing. Its editorial board is made up of prestigious marketing specialists who guarantee the rigour and objectiveness of the assessment process of all the papers presented.
The Spanish Journal of Research in Marketing is receptive to all areas of research which are relevant to marketing academic research (relationship marketing, strategic marketing, consumer behaviour, brand strategies, service marketing, distribution channels, pricing, advertising…). Multidisciplinary research which crosses boundaries between these and other linked areas (internationalization, corporate management, consumer psychology…) is also welcomed.
Project in Socially Responsible Excellence: ESIC actively participates in working groups organized by top class companies and promoted by the Association of Excellence in Innovation and Management (Partner of the EFQM, Spain) and whose objective is to elaborate a Framework Reference for Socially Responsible Excellence.
ESIC Research Centres: Research at ESIC strives to promote the research of social responsibility and has therefore created different research groups with specific aims. These groups inform the public about their activities through articles, presentations, support papers, etc.

Some of these research centres are:
Group: Socioemotional competencies
Lines of research:
academic activity

Group: Social and Methodological research
Lines of research:
Social and Methodological research
Sociology of the consumer
Market research
Qualititative research

Group: Immigration and communication
Lines of research:
Brand recommendations
Target focused communication
Specific aids

Group: Corporate Social Responsibility
Lines of research:
Comparative research
Corporate communication

Group: Family businesses
Lines of research:
internationalization of the family business
Innovation process in the family business
Implementing franchises in the family business

Group: Quality
Lines of research:
Implementing quality systems
Quality of university education

Group: Emerging markets
Lines of research:
Social responsibility in developing countries
Emerging markets
Latin America

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