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Business School

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Post Graduate, Executive


Madrid, Spain


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11 Mar 2010

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19 May 2016

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2014-2016 SIP Report - View Report

Period Covered: May 2014 to May 2016

Progress report of implementation of PRME in INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE EDUCACION, ADMINISTRACION Y DESARROLLO for the 2104-2016 period. Relevant actions taken for the implementation of PRME, and progress on the assessment of PRME implementation through a set of indicators

Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE EDUCACION ADMINISTRACION Y DESARROLLO was founded with the aim at raising the education level of the individuals within their home
countries. INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE EDUCACION ADMINISTRACION Y DESARROLLO unique distance MBA program and software technology allows students to interact
with professors and peers on a daily basis without the need commuting.
Students “feel” the company of their teachers and are guided through the academic program into the
fields of Social and Corporate Responsibility within their particular scope. Programs such as
Masters Degree in Local Development targeted at entrepreneurs (*) make students become familiar
with terms such as:
• Natural Resource Landscape and Prospects.
• Environmental friendly activities: Advantages and Responsibility.
• Tools, methods and applications for local planning on the basis of environment limits.
• Urban environment: Natural resource usage and human dignity.
• Microfinance. How can Microfinance impact and fight poverty.
• Customers and suppliers.
• Sustainability and Development as a Global Commitment.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE EDUCACION ADMINISTRACION Y DESARROLLO unique Business School philosophy and commitment relies on::
i. Tailoring learning programs that integrate a blend of business knowledge and managerial skills in relation to and targeted at ….
ii. Triggering entrepreneurship and initiatives from the very source of the social base in environments with low resources.…
iii. In search of building long term sustainable business models with growth potential…..
iv. While educating Public authorities in the appropriate socio-economic policies that will contribute to the growth of those initiatives….
v. Thus providing a holistic approach to social development. And wealth creation.
i. Develops programs and courses that ….
ii. enhance top management managerial skills …
iii. in developing an overall and integrated business strategy (Business and Operations strategy) and Organizational Leadership….
iv. in the goal of building high performing business models…
v. with the human being as the cornerstone, source and focus of business activities.
It is within the above stated context that….
i. students discover the superior short and long term economic value implications….
ii. of business decisions and actions coherent with a management perspective…
iii. that feels globally responsible and works accordingly….
iv. competing fairly and generating competitive advantages.

INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE EDUCACION ADMINISTRACION Y DESARROLLO is currently undertaking the task of enforcing these commitments beyond the pure class case discussion. INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE EDUCACION ADMINISTRACION Y DESARROLLO is helping graduates in the development of their own business initiatives and programs providing technical support to entrepreneurs around the world.

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