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16 Oct 2009

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12 Jul 2017

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Achievements Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The global values designated by the United Nations and other initiatives of socially responsible business are included in the curriculum of the International Business Academy. One of the strategic objectives of the IAB is activity on the principle of social responsibility of business. The study of sustainability issues of corporate social responsibility and identification of the ways to address them are introduced into the academic process of all IAB departments (undergraduate, graduate, MBA, DBA).

The academic courses taught at our university (Corporate Social Responsibility, Management of social sphere, Business philosophy, Critical Thinking, Corporate Governance, Environment and Sustainable Development, Risk management, etc.) are aimed at addressing the sustainability of corporate social responsibility in the context of state and government programs that promotes the formation and development of students' professional competencies and skills for use of corporate social responsibility in practice.

For several years, the IAB students have been solving the problems of social responsibility of business in Kazakhstan in their diploma works and master dissertations, particularly in their master's thesis "Environmental and social responsibility in the activities of domestic oil companies", "Corporate social responsibility in the modern Kazakhstan", "Financial Foundations of corporate social responsibility", "The formation and development of the IAB corporate culture", "Intercultural Communication in the field of management".

The IAB is committed to improving the quality of educational services provided by the formation of the modern educational system that meets the principles of the Bologna process and the initiatives of the United Nations.

The basic principle of efficiency of human activity is lifetime training, due to the dynamic changes of the environment.

As part of the annual BETA school for university teachers in Kazakhstan this year there was a seminar on the topic: The new design of educational programs in the context of graduate competence model: the role of the teacher.

Teacher training at seminars and workshops led to the revision of diploma works topics and master's theses, including mainstreaming of social responsibility of Kazakhstan business.

Formation of a modern, competitive educational system involves effective cooperation of the university with schools, colleges as the major suppliers of the future students, as well as with the public, government agencies and employers, and foreign partners.

In order to achieve the practical orientation of theoretical training the IAB interacts actively with employers to give expert opinions on the developed curriculum of academic disciplines in the context of specialties.

The Academy holds annual competitions to improve the quality of methodical maintenance of educational process, increasing the interest of the faculty in the professional development:
1. The Best Department of the Year
2. The best teacher of the year
3. The best teaching and methodological equipment of documents

The IAB created a favorable climate that motivates staff, faculty, students and undergraduates to effective education and research.

Achievements Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

In 2009, the IAB established the Centre for Research and Development in order to increase the research capacity of the Academy, creating conditions for high productivity of science and research projects, in accordance with the international standards of quality.

Centre shall dispose of in the following areas: coordination of the IAB scientific laboratories and centers; organization of participation of the IAB researchers in national and international research projects; conducting research jointly or on request of partner universities, business structures, government agencies, international organizations on current issues of socio-economic development of Kazakhstan; the organization of scientific conferences and seminars; participation in the preparation and publication of scientific papers.

The laboratory "Corporate Social Responsibility" has been working at the Academy along with other laboratories and centers since the end of 2009. It is designed to study the state of CSR among companies in the real sector of the economy, and among the universities of Kazakhstan, with an emphasis on CSR in the IAB.
The theme of social responsibility of business is reflected in the annual conferences of the IAB, as illustrated by the section names of the Student Conference Young Business Sharks: Economic Growth and Social and Cultural Responsibility of Business (2005), The Spiritual and Moral Component of Modern Business (2009), Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Philosophy and Cross-Sector Partnership (2012).

In addition, the IAB undertakes research of the corporate social responsibility level within the Academy. In 2011-2012, the first evaluation phase of the IAB CSR included developing assessment tools, preparing questionnaires for staff, faculty, students, IAB partners. A seminar on CSR for the IAB faculty was held in June 26, 2012, where the head of the Social Responsibility Laboratory B.Z. Otarbaeva held brainstorming on how to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility in the academy, what the IAB leadership, faculty, staff, students, stakeholders, represented by partners, should do to increase their accountability to the Kazakh society in general and the local community in particular.
In June 2012 at the initiative of the Laboratory of Mediation and Conflict the IAB established cooperation between our Academy and the Corporate Foundation Center for Social Partnership with the National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna in the introduction of alternative ways of resolving conflicts and disputes. In autumn 2012 training sessions for managers of oil and gas sector in the Mangistau region in Aktau City were held.

Since autumn 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Laboratory has been collaborating with Swedish Industry Forum on CSR, the laboratory staff was involved in the selection jury of the contest "Ar-Namys" of Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia and KazEnergy. Negotiations are in progress with representatives of KPMG on the project "Catalog of success stories on CSR in Kazakhstan." The Laboratory is part of the newly created CSR Club which brings together experts, researchers, universities representatives, international organizations and businesses involved in the implementation of CSR ideas into practice.

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