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The University of Rosario Adopts Social Responsibility in one of its Postgraduate Courses

As an initiative by the authorities and professors from the Postgraduate Course in Tourist Enterprises and Entrepreneur Specialization, the National University of Rosario (UNR, its initials in Spanish), Argentina, incorporates the issue of Social Responsibility into its schedule. Offered at the Economics and Statistics School from the National University of Rosario, the postgraduate course in Tourist Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Specialization, which is based on the tourist companies management, was launched 4 years ago. One of its main aims was to include the issue of Social Responsibility in its study program in every subject. Since dealing with social responsibility implies a voluntary decision, professors have not been obliged but suggested to include it in the different subjects. The idea was suggested in order to make students aware of values, values which are present in every human being but are asleep. This is the reason why those who do not share this kind of philosophy have been respected in order not to make them feel pressured to do it. However, today we may say that in those cases in which professors have freely decided to include the issue about social responsibility in their schedules, it is observed that those values which were asleep have started to wake up and are now inviting to make a deep reflection. A proof of this is the “UP Down” project, which was suggested as an initiative by a student and a professor from the course, in the subject of Hotel Companies Management. This project is geared towards the training as assistants to help young intellectually disabled people. This project was supported by the city Hotel Gastronomic Association and a group of business people belonging to this area were involved in the inclusion of these young people. These business people have become pioneers in the working inclusion at the gastronomic activity in our city, and dealing with these youngsters has awakened the values that were asleep inside them. The project has also been supported by the National Work Ministry and today it is an innovative model.

18 May 2009

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