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Cranfield University - PhD Fellowship in Corporate Responsibility

The Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility is seeking applicants for the following PhD Fellowship and would be happy if you could forward this email to potential PhD candidates. Doughty Centre PhD Fellowship – Embedding Corporate Responsibility The aim of this PhD research is to help our Centre understand how corporations develop in their corporate responsibility agenda. This involves an analysis of organizational cultures and structures to determine different levels of organizational maturity regarding a firm’s corporate responsibility approach. Full-time candidates with outstanding academic records may be eligible for this studentship. If you wish to be considered for funding please indicate this in a covering letter with your application. The fellowship is • awarded on a competitive basis following Cranfield’s recruitment and selection process. UK, EU or international candidates may be considered • covers full fees and may provide a maintenance grant up to the value of £13,290 a year • is available for full-time study only • is normally renewed at the beginning of each academic year provided the student has made good progress and contributed to relevant research activities throughout the year. Candidates should first visit the website which provides full details of the PhD programme, the admission requirements, fees, frequently asked questions and the application and selection process. They should then, in the first instance, submit a CV and a research proposal (approximately 4 pages or 1000-1500 words).This should set out: • the management issue or problem to be addressed • the question(s) to be addressed • a critical evaluation of available knowledge • the data to be collected, and how it will be analysed • who will benefit from the research • previous experience of research • what are career aspirations Please note that an enquiry cannot be considered without a CV and proposal. Papers should be emailed to no later than Friday 15th May 2009. Selected candidates will be invited to submit a formal application form. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an assessment day at Cranfield. Special arrangements may be made for international candidates.

29 Apr 2009

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