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Outcomes of PRME Chapter DACH Meeting

The 5th PRME Chapter DACH Meeting took place at the ZHAW School of Management and Law in Winterthur, Switzerland, welcoming representatives from academia and UN Global Compact Networks Switzerland and Germany to discuss topics relevant to the meeting’s theme, ‘5 years PRME Chapter DACH - Vision 2022.’

The one and a half day meeting started with inputs from Jonas Haertle and Carole Parkes. For the PRME initiative as a whole, Jonas Haertle resumed its current strategy 2017-2020, its standings as well as its short- and mid-term perspectives. For PRME chapters in particular, Carole Parkes, PRME Special Advisor on Chapters and Chair of Chapter UK/Ireland, presented a review of current organizational basics for PRME Chapters, and a draft “Developmental Model for PRME Chapters”. As its academic representative, Jutta Nikel introduced the Environmental and Sustainability Education Research Network (ESER) and highlighted the possibility of cooperation between both networks on SDG-related research.

Based on these insights and on the outcomes of a strategy meeting in spring 2017, Chapter members further developed its strategy 2017-2018 focusing on its relations with PRME global (PRME Secretariat), its positioning regarding members of DACH Chapter, non-members in the DACH region, related thematic networks (eg, in the fields of sustainability, ethics) and its collaboration with student initiatives.

In the afternoon four guests presented their inputs regarding future DACH Chapter activities. First, Sascha Spoun (President, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Germany) gave his keynote on Sustainability-driven Transformation of Leuphana University. Second, Loreen Wachsmuth and Maximilian Kohlrautz presented the German student initiative sneep (student network for ethics & economics in education and practice) and its current publication on Required Change towards Ethics and Sustainability at Universities, e.g. in the curriculum. Third, Salomé Barrer & Team presented the Swiss sustainability initiative studentHUB Chur and some of their recent and on-going projects. Fourth, Petra Molthan-Hill (Nottingham Trent University, UK) introduced the PRME working group on Climate Change and Environment.

In the late afternoon the first SDG Roadshow in Switzerland took place as part of the PRME Chapter DACH Meeting. Five short inputs on the importance of the SDGs for business and universities were followed by a panel discussion and a poster session. The event saw about 120 guests. An optional dinner at the restaurant “Zur Krone”, the oldest restaurant in Winterthur, concluded the first meeting day.

The second day started with a wrap-up of day one in which the results of the strategy workshop (see the five focus themes above) were presented and discussed. This led to a work stream of three parallel workshops on the following topics:

- Implementing SDGs in Curricula at DACH member schools: For curriculum development in DACH member schools, there are ample opportunities arising out of the SDGs, a number of which are currently being implemented. A first listing of applied and potential avenues for implementation, both “top-down” and “bottom-up”, as well as concrete measures were developed.

- SIP Reporting, Impact Metrics und Monitoring (SDG Dashboard): Aim of the workshop was to check SIP reporting standards (in connection with PRME impact measurement and monitoring) in order to sustainably improve the quality of the PRME progress reports prepared by DACH Chapter members and to propose suitable standards.

- PRME Student Hub: Participants in this workshop elaborated on the idea to realize a PRME Student Hub involving sneep, which may be one of the most relevant as well as most important student initiatives for RME in Germany. After establishing itself, the workings group will present first results at the next DACH working groups meeting.

After a presentation of the workshops results, the meeting concluded with an outlook on future activities and meetings. Since spring of 2017, DACH Chapter has a number of sub-groups working on selected priority topics, which include:

- Consulting for PRME members

- Faculty development

- SIP reporting “best practice”

- RME in German-speaking countries

- “Buddy System” for universities and business schools interested in PRME

- PRME Student Hub

- Integration of the SDGs into the curriculum

This outlook also included an invitation to the next official DACH Chapter meetings. The first one will take place at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) in Austria on 12/13 February 2018. The second one will take place at Cologne Business School in Germany on 12 November 2018. The objective for this PRME chapter DACH signatory event is to strengthen partnership of DACH signatories and increase attractiveness for “newcomers”. The meeting will be organized in combination with the 5th PRME Research Conference, and followed by the international Humboldt Conference on CSR (15-16 November 2018, more news to follow via the PRME events website).

If you would like to participate in the activities of the PRME Chapter DACH, or to receive more information on PRME Chapters, please visit the website or contact PRME Chapter DACH Chair, Lutz E. Schlange (, University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur (Switzerland).

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