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Outcomes of PRME MENA Forum

On October 09 2017, the 7th Regional Meeting of the PRME Chapter MENA was held at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, in conjunction with the Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL), organized by the Olayan S. School of Business.

During the two-day “Joint UNGC-UNPRME Regional Meeting & Multi-Stakeholder SDG Forum”, the conference brought together close to 500 participants from all over the MENA including many deans and directors of business schools, as well as researchers, teachers, and the academic community who attended the event to discuss the future of responsible management education and its contributions to achieving the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

The meeting started with the opening panel chaired by the following keynote speakers: President Fadlo Khuri (AUB), H.E. Mr. Marwan Hamadeh (Minister of Education), Dean Steve Harvey (OSB), Prof. Carole Parkes (PRME Chapter UK & Ireland Chair/Special Advisor for Chapters) and Prof. Dima Jamali (PRME Chapter MENA Chair). Followed by a “Social Entrepreneurship and SDGs panel”, and closed with a panel on “Education as an active partner in building a sustainable community” led by prominent business school Deans from MENA who gave an overview of the current challenges and opportunities regarding sustainable development, humanistic approach to education, and the implementation of PRME in business schools and larger society.

By bringing together faculty and deans from different business schools in the region, the meeting provided a platform for collaboration and partnership, and served as an opportunity for participants to integrate and share major actions to support the 6 principles that underpin the initiative and the SDGs, sharing insight about best practices for embedding PRME and enhancing the necessary institutional and operational capacities to advocate and promote PRME and the UN Global Compact in the region.

Finally, the event closed with a very interactive session titled “Looking Ahead”, in which the next steps for the PRME Chapter MENA were discussed, taking into account what was learned during the day on what signatories can do to advance responsible management education and contribute to the SDGs in the MENA region.

Participants explored ways of engaging students, businesses, non-governmental organizations, policymakers, accreditation bodies in promoting responsible leadership, sustainability, and corporate responsibility through an open dialogue on the context, practices and actions necessary for developing a sustainable mindset to offer responsible management education and make progress toward the SDGs.

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22 Oct 2017

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