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Outcomes of PRME Chapter LAC Meeting and RME Conference

26 September 2017 | Curitiba, Brazil - On 11 and 12 September, the 6th Regional Meeting of the PRME LAC (PRME Chapter Latin American and the Caribbean) was held at the ISAE/FGV, in Curitiba/PR, Brazil.

Around 100 directors of business schools from the PRME signatory countries attended the event, as well as researchers, teachers, and the academic community, to discuss the future of responsible executive education, its contributions to achieving the SDGs, the partnership with the private sector, and the new administration of the chapter.

According to Jonas Haertle, president of PRME Global, they had two days of intense discussions, learning, and the exchanging of experiences. "The business school presented their ongoing strategies to educate leaders who will be globally accountable for their communities, their organisations, and the world. We also talked about the 10-year anniversary of the PRME and the actions carried out in Brazil and Latin America throughout our history,” he said.


For Gabriel Boero, who chaired the PRME LAC in the 2016/2017 administration, the challenge is always to work alongside the Global Compact Networks, companies, and the public sector to achieve the SDGs. "On the 10th anniversary of the PRME, the ISAE must symbolically take on the presidency of this initiative since it was one of the founders."

This event, according to Norman de Paula Arruda Filho, represents the important recognition of the UN and of all the member institutions of the PRME Charter Brazil and the LAC. "These institutions came here to integrate and share all their major actions to support the SDGs. It was very rewarding.” During the meeting, Norman de Paula Arruda Filho took over the presidency of the Latin American chapter of the initiative.

"This event was important because it introduced new ways of implementing best practices for the dissemination of sustainable development goals. All the schools brought different cases, but they all answered the same basic question: why should we do this? Because it is about purpose and mission. We are all protagonists, which is why these institutions manage to do this work: individually and collectively," said Milenko Gudic, coordinator of the PRME anti-poverty working group.

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26 Sep 2017

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