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PRME Chapter LAC Deepen Collaboration and Partnerships in Support of the SDGs at 5th PRME Regional Meeting

30 September 2016 | Buenos Aires, Argentina— The 5th PRME Regional Meeting Latin-American and the Caribbean took place in Buenos Aires on 28-30 September hosted by Universidad Nacional de San Martin (UNSAM) with strong support from the Global Compact Local Network Argentina

The meeting focused on the interaction among academics, business and main stakeholders in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was attended by 72 individuals from business and management-related higher education institutions, business, NGO and government representatives from Argentina and across Latin America.

The opening by Dr. Daniel Di Gregorio, Vice-Rector UNSAM, Cdor. Marcelo Paz,
Dean of the Economy and Business School (UNSAM), Flavio Fuertes, Focal Point of the Global Compact Local Network Argentina and Florencia Librizzi, Senior Manager, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact Office set the tone to a very collaborative and action oriented event.

On 29 September, René Mauricio Valdez, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System and Resident Representative of United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), Dean Marcelo Paz and Florencia Librizzi, PRME Secretariat framed the event on the importance of the private sector and academia to achieve progress on support of the SDGs. The opening panel was followed by Prof. Juan Carlos Tedesco, former Minister of Education of Argentina, who gave a keynote on “Education and Sustainable Development” and shared profound reflections on the influence of education to a better world.

An interactive panel with business representatives highlighted their perspective on relevant skills and knowledge that should be taught in business school, as well as the importance of stronger collaboration between business and academia to produce profound impact on sustainable development. The panel included the voices of a number of representatives to Global Compact participants such as Alfredo Pagano, Risk Management Partner Deloitte; Sergio Galvan, Communication Director, Santander-Rio Bank; Betina Azugna, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Grupo Sancor Seguros and Claudio Moreno, Chief Corporate Responsibility, Transportadora de Gas del Norte (TGN).

A number of hands on workshops were organized on several PRME-Global Compact related Working Groups such as: Climate Change moderated by Matias de Bueno, Universidad Nacional del Rosario and Natalia Leca, Sub-Secretary of Social Responsibility of Argentina; Anticorruption and Governance facilitated by Matthias Kleinkempfel, IAE Business School; Sustainable Tourism coordinated by Fernando Navarro, UNSAM, Susana Caffaro, Tourism Ministry; and Gender Equality moderated by Griselda Lassaga, Universidad de Belgrano and UNSAM.

On 30 September, the meeting focused on embedding the SDGs into curricula, teaching and research. Conversations explored current progress on this front, as well as identifying ways to scale up successes. A workshop on the “SDG Action Plan: A bottom up process” was facilitated by Florencia Librizzi, PRME Secretariat, Gabriel Boero, UNSAM and Alicia Ledesma, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, followed by a vibrant discussion with concrete examples on how to scale up collaboration and partnerships among business, academia and other key stakeholders on support of the SDGs.

The PRME Chapter LAC, Chaired by Gustavo Yepes, Universidad del Externado conducted their Annual Assembly and discussed progress and new activities for the following year in alignment to the SDG agenda. One of the main outcomes of the meeting was the appointment of national focal points within the PRME Chapter LAC in order to support the United Nations Global Compact SDG Action Plan nationally, the coordination of the Chapter for the next year was hand over to Gabriel Boero, UNSAM, with the close support of the past and future Chairs, Gustavo Yepes, Universidad del Externado and Norman Arruda Filho, ISAE FGV.  The 2017 PRME Regional Meeting LAC will be hosted by ISAE FGV in Curitiba, Brazil.

For more information about the PRME Chapter LAC, please contact Gabriel Boero at (for further support, please cc past and future Chairs: Gustavo Yepes, Universidad del Externado at and Norman Arruda Filho at If you are a non-signatory to PRME and would like to learn more about the initiative, we encourage you to read our most recent brochure, as well as our handy guide to how the SDGs can be integrated into business curriculum

30 Sep 2016

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