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13th PRME Chapter Brazil Meeting Concludes

On 1 September the 13th PRME Chapter Brazil meeting was held at FIA, São Paulo. This was the 13th meeting of the chapter since its creation in 2013.

Below are some outcomes of the Chapter meeting:

SDG Committee
Because of the Champions Group project that we are developing in partnership with CR3+ schools, we presented to the Chapter a proposal for the creation of a SDG Workshop. The idea is to develop awareness SDG workshop, in partnership with local networks of PRME and Global Compact. The local network of Global Compact in Brazil has developed a methodology for raising awareness of this issue and will share with the PRME Chapter Brazil. After that, we will form a PRME Chapter Brazil SDG Commission and adapt this methodology (based also on the experiences of national and international schools involved) to develop this SDG Workshop, that can be applied in educational institutions. The idea is to make one Workshop for PRME schools in Brazil and after that, they can become multipliers of this subject.The following schools have already proposed to be part of the Commission: FEA/USP, FEA/USP-RP, FDC, ISAE, SESI/PR, FIA, Universidade Metodista, PUC/SP, EBAPE/ FGV. 

4th Responsible Management Education Research Conference
It was presented by the Brazilian representative at PRME Working Group on Poverty, Claudio Boechat, the proposal to bring to Brazil in 2017 the Research Conference in Executive Education. The Conference already has the support of the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP Brazil and now seeks the support of the chapter to the event. Thus, we required a positioning of the signatory institutions as the following questions below:

  • Support for the Conference by the PRME Chapter Brazil: yes or no?
  • Conference Venue: FDC (Nova Lima/MG) or FGV (SP)?

We are waiting for a feedback of the institutions about these issues until September 15. 

Other Updates
We reinforced with the signatories the new PRME contribution model, the importance of SIP and the release soon of the new Sulitest platform (which the Chapter contributed with the creation of new questions about the Brazilian reality, and ISAE with the translation of the research to Portuguese).We also share with them the translation into Portuguese (made by SESI/PR) of the following documents:

  • A basic guide to the sharing information on progress: SIP: for current and prospective Signatories of the Principles for Responsible Management Education
  • Faculty Development for Responsible Management Education. Results from the survey Among PRME Signatories

The documents are available to the signatories on the PRME Chapter Brazil website. 

Next meeting
It will take place on November 22, at Fundação Dom Cabral - FDC, in Rio de Janeiro.

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