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IILM’s Third International Conference: “Responsible Management Education, Training and Practice” highlights links to Sustainable Development Goals

(New Delhi, India, 7-9 January 2016) – IILM Institute for Higher Education hosted its third international conference on “Responsible Management Education, Training and Practice,” at IILM Lodhi Campus in New Delhi, 7-9 January 2016. The First International Conference on Responsible Management Education and Practice, in January 2014 set an important milestone in the journey of the IILM, which was built upon in The Second International Conference on Responsible Management Education and Practice, in January 2015.

The Conference was inaugurated by the EU Ambassador to India, His Excellency Mr. Tomasz Kozlowski. In his Keynote Address, His Excellency Mr. Tomasz Kozlowski highlighted the SDGs, discussing their importance for the international community and emphasizing their links to business and other global commitments. This focus on SDGs continued throughout the conference, from the Opening Plenary session in which Ms. Florencia Librizzi, PRME; Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director General & CEO, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India; and Mr. Nitin Seth- Managing Director, Fidelity Worldwide Investments shared their initiatives and the challenges faced in implementing the SDGs, to the Closing Plenary in which Dr. S.Y. Quaraishi, former Chief Election Commissioner, India, brought up issues of poverty, gender inequality, female foeticide, health, and sanitation. In his closing remarks, Dr. S.Y. Quaraishi stressed the economic role of women that is not yet realized in India and concluded by stating that social responsibility is everyone’s responsibility.”  Ms. Florencia Librizzi echoed these sentiments and concluded her address by motivating the students, stressing that the greatest responsibility now rests with them as they will be taking over as managers of various organizations in the coming years. Their sensitization towards responsible and sustainable growth is of utmost importance.

The IILM Fourth International Conference “Responsible Management Education, Training and Practice” will be organized on 8, 9, 10 February 2017 at IILM Lodhi Road campus, New Delhi.

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For a more in depth look at the conference sessions, including speakers, please see the details below provided by Business Wire India Press.


The first session of the conference was inspired by SDG 4: Quality Education and SDG 5: Gender Equality and focused on “Inclusive Equitable Education and Lifelong Learning & Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering all Women and Girls.” Discussion topics touched upon thr lack of special needs education training, changing mindsets in terms of gender in both affluent and rural Indian families, and the role of media in promoting gender equality. The eminent speakers in this session included Mr. Raj Nehru, Director Concentrix India Pvt. Ltd, Ms. Anju Sabharwal, VP Human resources, Vodafone Limited,  Mr. Sharad Singh, Country Manager (Enterprise), Hewlett Packard, India, Mrs. Abha Sahgal, Principal, Sanskriti School, New Delhi and Ms. Silje Dietlefsen, University of Geneva, Switzerland. The session was moderated by Prof. Vidhisha, IILM.

Session two of the Conference, Skills Development for Employment & Sustainable Economic Growth” and “Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promoting Well-Being for Al,l” was inspired by UN SDG 8: Good Jobs and Economic Growth and SDG 3: Good Health. The eminent speakers of the session included Professor S. Padam, former Dean, Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, Mr. Alessio Devito and Mr. Stephane Formenti, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Mr. Mariusz Soltanifar, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands, and Dr. G. Jawahar, Head - HR, Power Finance Corporation Limited.  The session was coordinated by Prof. Sanjay Srivastava of IILM. During the session, Prof. S. Padam stressed that technical thinking is needed to bring about the kind of change we are looking for. Mr. Mariusz Soltanifar spoke about the refugee crisis, natural calamities, and how these issues should be addressed. Additionally, Mr. Alessio Devito and Mr. Stephane Formenti presented their case study Grow Africa, which focused on managing change across boundaries.

The third session of the conference was inspired by SDG 7: Renewable Energy and SDG 12: Responsible Consumption, and focused on “Ensuring Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All” and “Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns.” The session was moderated by Prof. R. Srinivasan – Professor, IILM and featured the following speakers: Mr. Sutanu Behuria, former Secretary, Heavy Industries, Government of India, Mr. Santanu Roy, General Manager (Corporate Planning), Gas Authority of India Limited and Mr. Ashutosh Sinha – News Editor and News Anchor at NDTV Profit. Mr. Sutanu Behuria highlighted three different problematic areas: equity, ability to implement, and ethics. Additionally, Mr. Ashutosh Sinha said that thinking “small” is the necessity of the hour for attaining sustainability.

The fourth session was inspired by SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation and SDG 13: Climate Action and focused on very pertinent issues of ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, as well as steps needed to combat climatic changes and its impacts.  The session was moderated by Prof. Rahul Mishra – Professor, IILM. The eminent speakers of the session included Mr. Sameer Pathak, Coca Cola India Inc., Ms. Florencia Librizzi, PRME, Ms. Rubin Sen, GRI, South Asia and Mr. Prashant Pastore, Senior Manager, Solidaridad - South and South East Asia. Ms. Rubina Sen expressed that accountability is increasing beyond former boundaries, thereby making sustainability more important than ever before. Mr. Prashant Pastore explained the mismatch between the existing supply and projected demand of water by 2030 and stressed that immediate action is needed.

The fifth session of the conference was inspired by SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and focused on making cities and settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. The session was co-ordinated by Dr. Preethi Srinivas – Dean, PGDM, IILM and included the following speakers:  Mr. Vikas Marwah, CMO, Sona Steering Limited, Ms. Shabnam Siddiqui, Director, Anticorruption Centre of Excellence, Global Compact Network India, Mr. Amit Sinha Roy, Vice President - Marketing & Strategy, Tata Communications Limited and Dr. Michael Schmitt, Professor of Finance, International School of Management, Frankfurt. The session saw interesting discussions on the smart city ecosystem and role of ICT and stressed that connectivity and integration is the critical element needed for the development of smart cities.

Day three of the conference opened with session six, which was inspired by SDG 16: Peace and Justice and focused on promoting inclusive societies,  providing access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels. The session was moderated by Prof. Rajkishan Nair- Professor, IILM and featured the following speakers: Dr. Vasanthi Srinivasan, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Mr. Sandeep Tyagi, Director HR, Samsung Electronics, Ms. Florencia Librizzi, PRME, and Dr. Jagdeep Chhokar, Professor (Retd), Indian Institute for Management, Ahmedabad. These speakers considered society’s place in business and the importance of economic and political sustainability for business to flourish.

The Closing Plenary was addressed by Dr. S.Y. Quaraishi, former Chief Election Commissioner, India, Ms. Florencia Librizzi, PRME, Professor Rakesh Chaudhry, IILM Institute for Higher Education, Mr. Ravi Bhatnagar, Head - External Affairs, RB (Reckitt Benckiser) Limited. These speakers discussed social responsibility, stressed the critical role of companies in the successful implementation of the SDGs, and presented the “Summary of IILM-IICA Survey of Responsible Business Practices among large companies in India- 2015,“ which assessed the extent to which government intent had been translated into practice by large companies in India. Ms. Librizzi concluded the conference by congratulating the IILM team and stressing the need to acknowledge the role of the private sector and academia in implementing sustainable development. She concluded her address by motivating the students, stating that the biggest responsibility rests with them, as they will be taking over as managers of various organizations in the coming years. Their sensitization towards responsible and sustainable growth is of utmost importance.


18 Jan 2016

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