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PRME Chapter Brazil launches projects on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals

(Curitiba, 10 September 2015) – The 10th PRME Chapter Brazil meeting took place 1 September at ISAE, in Curitiba, with 30 participants in attendance and 18 institutions represented: ISAE, ESPM, FDC, FEA-RP/USP, SESI/PR, SENAI, UniCesumar, Unicopel, UNISC, UTFPR, Faculdades Santa Cruz, Amcham/RS, EBAPE/FGV, EAESP/FGV, Tecpar, SECAL, Unisinos and Global Compact Brazilian Committee.

At the meeting, lectures were given on topics such as Education 3.0, by Antonio Raimundo dos Santos, ISAE Education Director; Gamification, by Wagner Damiani, Professor, EAESP/FGV; and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and cooperation between the UN Global Compact and the PRME Chapter Brazil, by Barbara Dunin, Adviser for the Secretariat of the Brazilian Committee of the UN Global Compact.

In addition, the following engagement opportunities were shared with participants:

SDGs Case Study Project

Along with Global Compact, the PRME Chapter Brazil will map Brazilian companies (members of the Global Compact Brazilian Committee) who already have projects related to the SDGs. The best projects will be selected and the Chapter will open up a Call for Researchers, for PRME signatory schools, teachers and students to apply to write case studies about these projects. The project will be divided into two stages: Mapping companies with SDGs projects and case studies production. 

For the first step, the Chapter is selecting PRME education institution representatives to participate in the Technical Committee. The members of the Technical Committee shall be responsible for (in partnership with the Secretariat, and the SDGs Commission of the Global Compact Brazilian Committee) producing a survey that will be applied to 40 companies, assembling a diagnosis about the survey, and establishing criteria for the Call for Researchers.

Climate Change Week (19-25 October)

Climate Change Week will take place 19-25 October. Some Brazilian educational institutions are organising a series of activities for those dates. Thus, the PRME Chapter Brazil will unify the activities from all Brazilian signatory institutions into a single schedule and post it in the Chapter's website ( The intention is to help the dissemination of these actions. 

Next Chapter Meeting:

The next PRME Chapter Brazil Meeting will take place one day prior to the CR3+ Conference: Governance & Sustainability, on November 10, at ISAE.

10 Sep 2015

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