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PRME at the Global Compact's 10th Anniversary Celebration of the 10th Principle: Anti-Corruption

The UN Global Compact commemorated the 10th anniversary of its 10th Principle against Corruption, recognising this milestone, highlighting private sector successes in the fight against corruption and looking toward future action, particularly in the context of the post-2015 development agenda and the proposed Sustainable Development Goal number 16 on good governance.

The event provided a platform for over 200 business representatives and key stakeholders from Government, civil society, academia, Global Compact Local Networks and others to share lessons learned in the last 10 years of business engagement in the fight against corruption. Participants explored effective ways to engage in collaboration and collective action that advance the global fight against corruption.

Alongside the celebrations, the PRME Working Group on Anti-Corruption convened to conclude their work under the Siemens Integrity Initiative. They focused on defining next steps, community building among the members, and strengthening the links to the UN Global Compact Working Group and other partners.

During the 15th Meeting of the UN Global Compact Working Group on the 10th Principle against Corruption participants had an opportunity to join the interactive computer simulation programme, “HONEST,” an interactive Integrity Training, conducted by the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur. This interactive simulation (HONEST) has been developed to sensitise and train students, business professionals and public employees on corruption prevention in international settings. Throughout the simulation participants experience realistic scenarios based on practical experiences. HONEST was developed by the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland in cooperation with Siemens (Schweiz) AG, TATA Interactive Systems AG and sponsored by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur is an active PRME signatory, member of the PRME Working Group on Anti-Corruption, member of the PRME Champions leadership group, and founding member of the regional PRME Chapter DACH.


PRME Working Group on Anti-Corruption in Curriculum Change

The PRME Working Group on Anti-Corruption in Curriculum Change was created in 2008 with the aim to develop good practices, encourage curriculum change, and promote research by collecting and disseminating knowledge with a practical emphasis in the fields of Business Ethics, Transparency, and Good Governance. With support from the Siemens Integrity Initiative, the group developed and maintains a free, open-source PRME Anti-Corruption Toolkit. The eleven modules of the Toolkit include background reading material, detailed case discussions, and an array of primary sources and scenarios. The modules can be used individually or as a stand-alone MBA course on anti-corruption. The aim of the Toolkit is to address the ethical, moral, and practical challenges that students may face in the marketplace. Educators and practitioners are invited to visit the online portal to access content, suggest changes or updates to existing material, or contribute new resources, at

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