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Join the virtual conversation: Global Compact LEAD Symposium – The Future Corporation

2014 LEAD Symposium: The Future Corporation

This year’s Global Compact LEAD Symposium will challenge participants to sketch a vision for The Future Corporation. The transition toward deeper integration of sustainability into corporate strategies and operations has begun. LEAD aims to use the opportunity of its 5th Symposium to outline a corporate sustainability roadmap for the global business community. Participants will identify key characteristics of what the sustainable corporation could and should look like in the future, as well as how The Future Corporation will be governed, create value, and manage its impact on society.

While the event is open exclusively to LEAD participants, the PRME community is invited to view a live-stream of the Symposium. Download the live-stream agenda. Click here to access the live-stream on the day of the event.

LEAD companies want to hear from business school professors and students about their vision of The Future Corporation and to engage on related discussions in the lead-up to, during, and after the event.*

  • Submit Questions to the Q&A
    Students and professors are invited to submit questions in advance for the segments "Ask a Sustainability Professional" using #GCLEAD and #FutureCorporation on Twitter. Featured speakers include:
    • Gavin Power - Deputy Director, UN Global Compact
    • Vivian Mac Knight - Climate Change and New Economy Manager, Vale
    The PRME community is also encouraged to send questions in advance for Joel Bakan. His documentary, The Corporation, will be shown via the livestream followed by a Q&A with Joel Bakan about the film's lessons and implications for the future. View the documentary here or a synopsis here.
  • Watch and Tweet LIVE
    On 20 November, students are invited to watch the Live-stream and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #FutureCorporation and #GCLEAD. The live Twitter feed will be displayed in the conference, and attendees in the room will be encouraged to engage in dialogue with those watching the live-stream:

* Online participants are requested to mention their academic affiliation and/or home country in their Tweets.

19 Nov 2014

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