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Peer-to-peer learning and anti-corruption topic to be promoted through new PRME MENA Chapter

(Casablanca, 11 November 2014) – The successful 4th PRME MENA Regional Forum, ”Regional and Local Challenges for Responsible Management Education,” took place at ESCA School of Management, in Casablanca, Morocco on 10-11 November, resulting in the launch of the established PRME Chapter MENA.

As the Arab world is facing deep changes and difficult transitions, this year’s PRME MENA Regional Forum highlighted the importance for business schools and universities on the South and East coast of the Mediterranean to implement the Principles for Responsible Management Education in classrooms through curriculum, research, dialogue and teaching, and to adapt their strategies to the new business challenges and opportunities.

Eminent representatives from government, academia, the private sector and the PRME community, presented at this forum. Almost six hundred participants registered to this event and another 564 followed the forum via live stream. The on-site and web participants came from Algeria, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ivory Coast, Morocco, the Netherlands, Senegal, Spain, Turkey, UK and USA.

Additionally, the 4th PRME MENA Regional Forum provided a space to further discuss the future of the PRME Chapter MENA, which was proposed and endorsed during the previous three PRME MENA Regional Fora taking place at the American University in Cairo; the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik; and the University of Dubai. As a result of these conversations, the PRME Chapter MENA has now become established under the coordination of America University in Cairo.

Main activities and core value proposition of the established PRME Chapter MENA:

Many activities were discussed with the spirit of peer learning, towards strengthening the regional PRME community and collaboratively tackling barriers to responsible management, proposing the following projects for focus:

1. Teaching: Curriculum development, content sharing, and faculty webinars on topics of interest

2. Research: Anti-corruption, among other topics

3. Outreach on the sustainability literacy test

4. Women on boards in the Arab Region

5. The 5th PRME MENA Regional Forum will be hosted by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business, German Jordan University, in 2015

6. The 6th PRME MENA Regional Forum will be hosted by School of Business, the American University in Cairo, in 2016

The PRME Secretariat wishes to thank ESCA School of Management as the host, as well as the participants, for this successful event.

If you would like to participate in the activities of the PRME Chapter MENA please contact Prof. Ghada Howaidy at If you would like to receive more information on PRME Chapters, contact Florencia Librizzi, Manager Participants and Chapters, Legal & Policy Adviser, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact Office at

11 Nov 2014

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