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PRME Chapter Nordic Becomes Established

(New York, 13 September 2014)  The emerging PRME Chapter Nordic has become established after formalising the Memorandum of Understanding between the Chapter and the PRME Secretariat. The PRME Chapter Nordic was initially discussed during the 1st PRME Chapter Meeting held on 11 June 2013 at Copenhagen Business School, as part of the conference: Sustainability in a Scandinavian Context that was coordinated and chaired by Professor Robert Strand of the Copenhagen Business School. That PRME Chapter Nordic meeting was attended by around 40 delegates, many of them from six prominent PRME signatory business and management schools from across the Nordic region. These participants came together to discuss ideas on how to best form the new Chapter with regards to roles, activities, and future events. Last September, a second meeting for the PRME Chapter Nordic was held on the sides of the 2013 PRME Summit – 5th Annual Assembly in Bled, Slovenia.

The PRME Chapter Nordic has the aim to build a network based on further promoting the “cooperative advantage” of the Nordic business context and has determined the following next steps and commitments:

  • To help translate and implement PRME in the local context.
  • To leverage the strength of the existing UN Global Compact Nordic Network and to build a communication forum where the members of the network can share information on their projects.
  • To help and inspire other Nordic business and management schools to sign up for PRME.
  • To host the next PRME Chapter Meeting Nordic tentatively planned for 8-9 June 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  In addition to other Nordic business schools that might host PRME Regional Meetings and Chapter Meetings Nordic, the Copenhagen Business School has committed to host the Sustainability in a Scandinavian Context conference every second year during which time a PRME Nordic Chapter is scheduled to be included.

For more information on the PRME Chapter Nordic, please contact Dr. Robert Strand, coordinator of PRME Chapter Nordic, at

For more information on PRME Chapters, contact Florencia Librizzi, Manager Participants and Chapters, Legal & Policy Adviser, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact Office at

13 Sep 2014

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