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2nd PRME Australia/New Zealand Regional Meeting - Participants Endorse Creation of Regional Chapter

Brisbane, 27 September 2012 - The 2nd PRME Australia/New Zealand Regional Meeting took place at Griffith Business School in Brisbane, Australia, as part of the conference The Necessary Transition 2012. In addition to engaging in discussions about sustainability and responsible management education, participating members endorsed the creation of a PRME Regional Chapter.

The Regional Chapter concept emerged out of the 3rd PRME Global Forum in conjunction with Rio+20, where signatories advocated for  regional platforms to advance PRME and its principles through dialogue, learning, and action on leadership education and research. Chapters are also designed to increase the visibility of PRME and its signatories in the region, adapt the six Principles of Responsible Management Education into a local context, and develop and promote activities linked to the Principles.

The initial phase of the PRME Australia/New Zealand Regional Chapter will be headed by Loretta O’Donnell, Associate Dean, Education, University of New South Wales. More details will be released shortly.

The PRME Regional Meeting also featured introductions by Michael Powell, Pro Vice Chancellor, Griffith University, and Chair, Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, and Malcolm McIntosh, Asia Pacific Center for Sustainable Enterprise.

Alice Cope, a representative from the United Nations Global Compact, spoke about PRME, highlighting outcomes of the Rio+20 conference that hosted the 3rd Global PRME Forum, calling for coherence on curricular matters, research and training, and urging change agents to motivate and enable each other to embrace sustainability.

Debbie Haski-Leventhal of Macquarie Graduate School of Management shared the results of a study in which MBA students from PRME schools emphasized their desire for more guest lectures from experts, case studies, and the integration of social and environmental themes into the curriculum core.

Two PRME schools, University of New South Wales and La Trobe University, also spoke about their specific programs related to PRME. Prem Ramburuth described trends and external collaborations at the University of New South Wales, while Carol Adams talked about barriers to curriculum change, citing notably: inertia, lack of cross boundary connections, unimaginative leadership, and the absence of funding mechanisms and performance measurement systems.

The 1st PRME Australia/New Zealand Regional Meeting took place 22 July, 2011, at the University of New South Wales. Next year’s meeting will be hosted by the University of Waikato Management School, in Hamilton, New Zealand.

This is the second of three PRME Regional Meetings taking place this year. The 2nd MENA Forum is scheduled for 7-8 November in Jounieh, Lebanon, while the 3rd Asia Forum will take place 8-9 December in Tokyo, Japan.

Additional references to PRME at The Necessary Transition 2012 can be found on the conference blog.

28 Sep 2012

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