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2nd PRME Asian Forum further establishes responsible management education in the region

 “Rethinking Responsible Management Education: The Asian Perspective – 2nd PRME Asian Forum” was held at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM) in Beijing, China on November 26th.

Professor QIAN Xiaojun at Tsinghua SEM was the moderator of the forum. Ms. LIU Meng, China Representative of the United Nations Global Compact in representation of the PRME Secretariat and Professor YANG Bin, Director of Tsinghua Center for Leadership Development and Research, made the opening remarks. Professor Yong-Seung Park made the opening speech “How Can We Practice What We Preach? Toward Conscious Teaching in the Age of Conscious Business.”

Corporate Representative, Ms. ZHANG Lei, Senior Manager, CSR Department, BP China, presented BP’s CSR report, sharing challenges and achievements.

Professor JIN Yongjun hosted the first panel. Mr. YUAN Yue, CEO of Horizon Research Consultancy Group, Mr. GUO Peiyuan, General Manager of SynTao- Sustainability Solutions, Mr. XIE Weijun, Executive Director, General Office, China Minmetals Corporation, and Mr. LI Chenye, CEO of SoL (China), shared the experiences and challenges encountered when practicing CSR. The guests participated in deep discussion about the current situation of CSR in China and expressed their hopes for the future of responsible management education in business schools.

In the afternoon session, SEM undergraduate students presented the experiences they gained during their summer activities, and SEM MBA students also presented their achievements The 2011 “Flextronics” Business Ethics Case Writing Competition mid-term conference announced the results of the first round of the competition. On stage at the end of the announcement, winning teams completed a puzzle consisting of photos of all teams  to represent unity among Chinese business schools to work together to practice social responsibility and promote an ethical Chinese business environment. Judges also worked together with the students to complete the puzzle, demonstrating that teachers and students must work together to contribute to responsible management education.

During the open discussion session, presenters, students, and members of the audience actively discussed the following four topics in search of the meaning of responsible management education:

  1. Should business schools practice responsible education?
  2. Can responsibility be taught in business schools?
  3. How does a business school teach responsibility?
  4. How should an Asian business school, especially a Chinese business school, practice responsibility education?

At the conclusion of the forum, the location of the 3rd Asian Forum host was announced, Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, 8-9 December 2012. After the forum, professors from Asian business schools participated in a Teaching Report Session, where they exchanged ideas about such topics as curriculum creation, innovation in education, etc., and also shared their valuable teaching experiences. The Teaching Report Session served as the perfect conclusion to the forum.

Provided by: Tsinghua Center for Leadership Development and Research; Communication Office

News & Outcomes

Tsinghua SEM: 第二届联合国负责任管理教育原则亚洲研讨会在学院召开 (English)
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财经专题 第二届负责任管理教育原则亚洲研讨会”专题报道
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