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Webinar and pre-Global Forum meeting on Climate Change & Business Schools

On 15 June 2010 Copenhagen Business School and the PRME working group “Sustainable Leadership in the Era of Climate Change” hosted the 2nd webinar of the working group. Followed by a short introduction by Head of PRME Secretariat Manuel Escudero (UN PRME) and PRME Project Manager Jonas Eder-Hansen (Copenhagen Business School) working group members Professor Anthony Buono (Bentley) and Director for Corporate Social Responsibility Jean-Christophe Carteron (Euromed) shared their valuable experiences on “How to Integrate Issues of Climate Change into Business Schools”.


The presentation took departure in the The Copenhagen Conference Declaration: A Call to Action for Management Education – a result of the PRME/CBS International Conference on “Responsible Management Education: Sustainable Leadership in the era of Climate Change” that took place on 23-24 November 2009 at Copenhagen Business School. The Declaration calls upon business schools to understand their vital role in shaping and disseminating the values and best practices that future business leaders need to transform a global climate framework into action. To effectively support an ambitious climate framework, business schools should


  1. Integrate Climate-related Topics into Management Education

  2. Research the Role of Business in a Low Carbon Economy

  3. Lead by Example (through green campus strategies)


In their presentations Tony Buono and Jean-Christophe Carteron shared their experiences in implementing the Declaration and issues of Climate Change in their organizations in terms of education, research and operations. Please find the presentation here.


Furthermore, it was agreed to host a pre-Global Forum meeting on 22 June 2010 at 15.30-17.30 at Fordham University. The preliminary agenda for the meeting is:


  1. Define Working Group Mission, Actions, Success Indicators, Tools

  2. Plan Production of a Practical Guide to Climate and Curriculum Change

  3. Set targets for incorporation of Climate Change into SIPs


To register for the pre-Global Forum meeting, please sign up with Research Assistant Lene Mette Sorensen ( from Copenhagen Business School no later than 22 June at 10.00am EST.


Please also see the website of PRME working group “Sustainable Leadership in the Era of Climate Change” for further information on the goals and achievements of the group.


21 Jun 2010

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