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“The Post Downturn MBA”, the new report of AMBA, presents very relevant insights on how to advance business education in today’s world.

“The Post Downturn MBA”, the new report of AMBA, presents very relevant insights on how to advance business education in today’s world. “The Post Downturn MBA: An Agenda for Change is a research report designed to assess the state of the current MBA market and to act as a catalyst for debate on how the MBA should develop in order to better train the business leaders of tomorrow. Business schools were widely criticized for contributing to the current economic crisis by producing MBAs that are focused on creating shareholder value and high risk strategies instead of sustainable practices and stakeholder responsibility. The downturn was considered by some to have revealed numerous shortcomings in the MBA, particularly in the fields of risk management, change management, business ethics and sustainability.” “In order to ensure that the MBA remains relevant and meets the needs of responsible business, the Association of MBAs in partnership with Durham Business School launched the MBA Curriculum Survey in July 2009. The questions were designed to take a closer look at the skills, competencies and knowledge that MBAs need to add value in the current climate and into the future.” One of the relevant conclusions of the study is that “…The continual development of the MBA curriculum to focus on the issues of sustainability and ethics looks set to lead MBA curriculum design in the coming months and years. If anything, it appears as if the MBA should be shifting away from the more functional areas of management teaching, towards the development of more rounded individuals with the soft skills to lead and the ability to integrate thinking to create sustainable, ethical, and stakeholder-focused management decisions.” Most importantly, the Report lays the empirical foundations for the 2010 review of AMBA’s accreditation criteria: “The findings of this report will heavily inform the review of the Association’s accreditation criteria for quality MBA programmes in 2010. This far-reaching appraisal of the international standards that comprise the assessment criteria will include inputs from a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure that the outputs of the accredited MBA meet the needs of contemporary managers, leaders, organizations and society – and in many cases leads the way in doing so. To obtain a copy of the full report, please contact contact Mark Stoddard from the Association of MBAs' Research and Consultancy Centre at

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