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A call for the creation of an Advisory Board in preparation of a major PRME event in 2009: the PRME/CBS International Conference "Sustainable Leadership in the Era of Climate Change"

As a first building block towards the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP15) in December 2009, the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) hosted a virtual meeting in partnership with the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Secretariat on sustainable leadership and climate change. The event (read the Summary Report of meeting following the link below, including remarks by Mette Morsing and presentation by Peter Mollgaard) was a first step towards discussing the agenda, nature and expected outcomes of the PRME/CBS International Conference on Sustainable leadership in an Era of Climate Change (23-24 November 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark). At the conference, academics, practitioners, policy-makers and students, discussed how business schools can help solve the climate crisis through new educational approaches, sustainable leadership, innovative business models and new forms of partnerships. Today, climate change is a business reality and represents a clear and unprecedented challenge for human society. Yet, the updating of management education to the challenges and opportunities for business to address restructuring towards a low carbon economy has hardly started. The conference is intended as a first building block in the reform of management education and research in this area. It aims at formulating the commitment of PRME concerning climate change and solutions, and focuses on the role of education and research of business schools in providing society with the necessary knowledge and future managers to overcome such challenges through sustainability-related research and integration of sustainability issues into core curriculum in the education of society's future leaders. Copenhagen Business School invited faculty members and Centers of PRME signatory institutions, as well as other scholars and Centers striving to meet the challenges of climate change to this International Conference, and in particular to join the "Advisory Board" in preparation of the event. Contact Jonas Eder-Hansen ( or Lisle Ferreira ( for further information on how to participate in the Board and the Conference.

19 Jun 2009

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