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News - 8 October 2009

New Global Economic Ethic Manifesto Launched

(New York, 6 October 2009) – A new manifesto titled “Global Economic Ethic – Consequences for Global Businesses” was launched during a business ethics symposium at UN Headquarters today. Developed by Swiss-German theologian Hans Küng, President of the Global Ethic Foundation, the document aims at laying out a “common fundamental vision of what is legitimate, just and fair” in economic activities. First signatories of the manifesto include former President of Ireland and former UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson; Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University; and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu, Anglican Archbishop emeritus of Cape Town. The document will be open for signature to individuals globally. Signatories of the manifesto commit to “being led by its letter and its spirit in their day-to-day economic decisions, actions and general behavior”. Media Contacts: Johann Aeschlimann Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations +1 917 757 3389 Matthias Stausberg Spokesperson UN Global Compact +1-917-367-3423

08 Oct 2009

17th CEEMAN Annual Conference Local Responses to Global Crisis

17th CEEMAN Annual Conference Local Responses to Global Crisis was successfully held in Riga, Latvia on September 24-26. It was attended by over 130 participants from 30 countries from all over the world – mainly deans and directors of business schools and management development institutions, but also business representatives. The conference was noted for productive discussions, inspiring insights and ideas, good networking, and warm and friendly atmosphere. The participants of the Deans and Directors Meeting, held in the frame of the Annual Conference, particularly appreciated the results of the CEEMAN global survey on Business Schools Responses to Global Crisis, presented by its co-developers Al Rosenbloom and Milenko Gudic. Dr Manuel Escudero talked about the importance of the PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education) initiative and commended CEEMAN’s pioneering role in it. The keynote speaker of the conference was Prof Nancy Adler, S. Bronfman Chair in Management, McGill University, Canada, a leading authority on cross-cultural management and organizational development, who highlighted the interconnectedness of everything in our lives and importance of responsible actions by individuals, companies, governments and management development institutions. Other speakers included Prof Jim Ellert, Former Dean of Faculty and Professor Emeritus at IMD Lausanne; Andris Vilks, Chief Economist at SEB Bank and advisor to the Prime Minister of Latvia; Derek Abell, Professor Emeritus of ESMT – European School of Management Technology, Germany; as well as deans and CEOs from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries. The conference concluded with a great gala dinner at the historical Blackheads’ House in the center of Riga, where Dr Ichak Adizes delivered an inspiring and provocative talk on Leadership in the Times of Crisis and What CEEMAN Could Do About It.

08 Oct 2009

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