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News - 4 February 2009

La Trobe University introduces Graduate Certificate in Corporate Responsibility

The Graduate School of Management at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, is set to launch their new Graduate Certificate of Corporate Responsibility to begin in February 2009. As a participating academic institution of the PRME initiative, the School is taking up the challenge to create a new generation of business leaders that take into account more than just the financial imperatives. The School has not just added an ethics subject to their business course but introduced a whole new course that encompasses 4 subjects: the role of business in society; integrating responsible business practices; ethics, values and decision-making; and environmental and social and governance risk and corporate value. The Director of the program Associate Professor Suzanne Young has recently attended the inaugural forum for Responsible Management Education hosted by the UN Global Compact at the UN headquarters in New York in December 2008. The School's participation in the PRME initiative has been in integral part of the new curriculum development and signals the School's commitment to the changing tide. In conjunction with the launch of the Graduate Certificate and the Principles of Responsible Management Education initiative on February 9 2009, the GSM is hosting Professor Prakash Sethi. At the launch Professor Sethi will speak on the topic: "The Old Good Corporation is Dead: We Need a New Good Corporation" which focuses on questioning the traditional notion of the benevolent or socially responsible corporation being founded in its locality, and the role that globalization has played in changing this relationship. He also explores the shift in the balance of power from stakeholder and political bodies and the existing power vacuum that appears unsustainable. Finally, in recognizing the reality that international regulation is unlikely to come about in the foreseeable future, efforts are underway at the local, regional, international and industry level to address the vacuum. Dr. Sethi is President of the Sethi International Center for Corporate Accountability and University Distinguished Professor, Professor of Management at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, The City University of New York. In a variety of initiatives the GSM is serious in expanding its charter and incorporating responsibility in all aspects of its operations. Those willing to be involved, whether present or past students, ngo's, political, business and community leaders, or academics are invited to join the team. Contact: Associate Professor Suzanne Young

04 Feb 2009

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