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News - 31 August 2017

Outcomes of PRME Chapter CEE Meeting

31 August 2017 | Prague - The 4th PRME CEE Chapter regional meeting took place in Prague Universty of Economics and gethered participants from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Check Republic, and Latvia.

The meeting lasted for 2 days. Chair of the meeting, Dr. Dušan Kučera of the University of Economics of Prague, presented his reflections of the PRME 10 years’ anniversary meeting, which was organised in New York at Forham University earlier this year. He shared the vision and the plans of PRME, introduced with the main topics of the round-table discussions, stressing particularly the anti-corruption materials. Julija Bulatova of the RISEBA University introduced the main points of the Chapter development till now and the steps for the future Chapter member collaboration, particularly the creation of the international lecturing course was introduced for the open discussion. 

The Steering Committee has decided that the Chapter should hold an Annual meeting at the end of August. The next such meeting could take place in Slovenia. 

The Steering commitee also decided that the school members organise in their schools a “Day of PRME” by the 15th of November, so that all the schools involved in PRME initiative are united in providing training to the lecturers and staff on the fundamentals of Business Ethics and discuss within their schools what PRME principles actually mean and how they can be met. 

The Steering committee has also proposed to involve the students for the initiative “run for values” – the students of the PRME CEE member schools would thus demonstrate their willingness to support sustainability. 

The chapter meeting was enriched by the training provided by Prof. Mathias Schüz of the ZHAW University, where all the participants could learn the fundamentals of Ethics and experience the training of mindfulness technique, which was demonstrated as an essential tool of self- leadership, a survival quality for the 21st century. 

The Next meeting is planned to be in Riga, April, 2018, at RISEBA University as a Forum of “Ethical Decision-making for attaining sustainable goals: what can shools offer?”

31 Aug 2017

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