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News - 23 March 2015

PRME Chapter Brazil plans its year ahead and its presence during the 2015 PRME Global Forum

(Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, 18 March 2015) – The PRME Chapter Brazil, launched on 8 August 2013, hosted their first official meeting of the year at FEA/RP – USP in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil.  

The meeting was very productive to further develop and plan the activities of this PRME Chapter, including three additional Chapter Meetings and its presence at the 2015 PRME Global Forum. Consistent with the main goal of this Chapter of promoting corporate sustainability and responsible management education; as well as contributing with the ongoing debate on management practices and innovative management education, the main outcomes of this meeting include:

  • Setting up the agenda of official PRME Chapter Meetings for the rest of the year:
    o The 2nd PRME Chapter Meeting Brazil of the year will be held on 2 June at Fundação Dom Cabral in São Paulo;
    o The 3rd meeting will be held on 21 July at SESI/PR in Curitiba; and  
    o The 4rd meeting will be held on 10 November at ISAE in Curitiba
  • PRME Chapter Brazil communication materials: Diverse communication materials and measures (including a PRME Chapter Brazil website and other resources) are being developed in order to promote PRME. These developments will be launched at the PRME Global Forum.
  • Sustainable Games: The PRME Chapter Brazil has committed to disseminating information on the Sustainable Games competition in order to have a number of representative Brazilian participants in this activity.
  • 2015 Global Forum for Responsible Management Education: It was emphasized during the meeting the importance of the members of the PRME Chapter Brazil to participate in this global event of PRME. The PRME Chapter has expressed the intention to have some delegate to share their projects and actions with other Chapters, as well as to interact with the wider global community of PRME.
  • PRME Inspirational Guide being translated to Portuguese: The PRME Chapter Brazil has committed to translate to Portuguese the PRME Inspirational Guide. 
  • SIP Reports: It was emphasized during the meeting the importance of Brazilian institutions to comply with the PRME policy for SIP Reports. Additionally, in order to aid our signatories in Brazil, the guidelines to produce SIP reports were translated to Portuguese.


For more information on the PRME Chapter Brazil, kindly see their Chapter page and contacts here.

23 Mar 2015

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