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News - 20 December 2010

Business student network in Germany calls on universities to join PRME based on Government recommendation

Sneep, a network for students in Germany who are interested in business ethics, at the beginning of December 2010 wrote an open letter to presidents of all German universities asking them to integrate business ethics in the core curriculum of business education. The organization argues that according to recent surveys a growing number of university students as well as other stakeholders agree that business ethics should be a mandatory module in the business school curricula.

The student network also points to the recently published National Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility (Action Plan for CSR) by the German Government which calls on German universities to join the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative in order align their curriculum with sustainability goals. According to the Action Plan, the German government pledges that it “will create incentives for universities in the area of corporate social responsibility and make the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) of the United Nations Global Compact known to a broader public.”

The PRME initiative currently counts 344 participating business and management-related academic institution of which 18 are based in Germany.

See here for the open letter by sneep (German):

See here for the National Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility by the German Government:

About sneep – Studentisches Netzwerk fuer Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik:

Founded in 2003, sneep is a platform and forum for students interested in business ethics. Its goal is to facilitate and give access to information on business ethics and sustainability.

About the National Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility (Action Plan for CSR):

The Action Plan for CSR is the product of a joint process which was coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Germany and the National CSR Forum. Representatives from business, the political sector, unions, the research community, non-governmental organisations and international organisations support the Action Plan for CSR.

20 Dec 2010

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