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News - 14 October 2015

PRME Secretariat Issues Overview of Climate Change Action Activities at HESI Conference

(Paris, 14 October 2015) – Over 300 representatives from UN Principles for Responsible Management Education, UNESCO, UN DESA, UNEP, UN Global Compact, UNU and higher education institutions (HEIs) have assembled in Paris for the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative: Higher Education for Climate Change Action. In advance of the XXI Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP21), this event aims to address the progress made since Rio+20 by sharing best practices and lessons learned, discuss the roles and responsibilities of HEIs in business and technological innovations around climate change adaptation and mitigation, and encourage new or enhanced commitments by HESI members.

PRME seeks to bridge relationships across HEIs and supporting organisations to catalyse global collaboration among the United Nations, the UN Global Compact and academia. The Six Principles of PRME are based on internationally-accepted values endorsed by UN Member States and provide an engagement framework for higher education institutions to embed responsibility and sustainability in education, research and campus practices through a process of continuous improvement. Together HESI and PRME strive to align higher education institutions with resources and opportunities to fulfil their commitment to sustainability and responsibility in higher education.

See the activities by PRME Secretariat overview of Climate Change Action

See the DESA Climate Change Action for Sustainable Development document, which highlights HESI and PRME Signatory Action

Click here to sign the COP21 Open Letter on behalf of the world’s universities, colleges and students

See the remarks by Jonas Haertle, Head PRME Secretariat,
“Encouraging Transformative Management Education and Research for Sustainable Development”

See photos from the event, highlighted by the UN Global Compact

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14 Oct 2015

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