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News - 11 June 2014

Contribute to ESADE/PRME Champions Research Project by 16 June

Learning in a Social Context Survey

ESADE is conducting research for the PRME Champions sub-group on Curriculum Development to identify the different experiences of Learning in a Social Context (LSC) developed by PRME signatories. LSC is a designation that encompasses education proposals at all course levels that share at least four characteristics:

  • They take place outside of the classroom;
  • They have a strong experiential component;
  • They require the integration of different subjects and skills;
  • They are carried out in a social-oriented context.

We invite you and your colleagues to support this research project by sharing your LSC-style programmes by responding at no later than 16 June.


  • Please complete one survey for each programme.
  • The LSC activity should be part of the curriculum.
  • The survey domain is for business students only but it may include programmes where business students are mixed with other students. Graduate level and undergraduate level students are both of interest.
  • Please do not refer to business related activities as LSC programs are carried out in a social-oriented context. 

Finally, we would like to underline that the responses we receive will be compiled in a PRME publication on the LSC experiences of PRME signatory institutions. Please feel free to contact ESADE with any comments or if require any additional information (


11 Jun 2014

PRME Chapter Brazil Becomes Established

(Curitiba, Paraná, 11 June 2014) Aiming to increase signatory numbers and deepen the PRME Chapter Brazil, the group works to achieve quality implementation of the Six PRME Principles, acting strongly in conjunction with the 26 Brazilian institutions PRME signatories.

The PRME Chapter Brazil was institutionalized on August 8, 2013, attended by 12 PRME Brazilian signatory institutions. Due the geographical and active network configurations, Brazil is the only country to have its own chapter. 

The PRME Chapter Brazil's main objectives are:

  • Provide a platform for dialog, education, research and actions in responsible executive management
  • Advance the visibility of PRME and its signatories in Brazil and promote synergy between their managements
  • Adapt the implementation of the six principles for responsible management education to the Brazilian context
  • Form a network of signatories with national representativeness and coverage
  • Promote integration between the Global Compact local network and PRME, for stimulate the interaction between academy and school

Currently, the PRME Chapter Brazil’s main activities are:

  • PRME Chapter Brazil Website
  • PRME Chapter Brazil video
  • Literacy Test Dissemination – research that measures student knowledge around the world regarding sustainability issues
  • Inspirational guide translation—creating a Portuguese resource with the best practices from PRME implementation
  • Inclusive Business Project, in conjunction with PRME Chapter Brazil member schools, to produce cases that will be part of the publication of the United Nations Development Program about Inclusive Business


Governance of PRME Brazil Chapter, elected, is:

PRME Chapter Brazil Secretariat:

Norman Arruda Filho – Higher Institute of Business and Economics (ISAE/FGV) 


Richard R. Lucht - Superior School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM)

Armando Dal Colletto - Business School São Paulo (BSP)

Ricardo Siqueira Campos - Dom Cabral Foundation (FDC)

José Antonio Fares - Social Service of Industry (SESI / PR)


For information about the PRME Chapter Brazil, please contact or

For more information about the Chapter around the world please contact Florencia Librizzi, Manager Participants and Chapters, Legal & Policy Adviser, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact Office at

11 Jun 2014

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