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News - 11 February 2014

PRME Secretariat Issues 2013 Annual Report and 2014 Outlook

PRME 2013 Annual Report and 2014 Outlook

As we become emersed in 2014 planning, we want to take a moment to share the activities and accomplishments of the last year, as well as the coming plans for 2014. 

2013 was marked by increased collaboration between signatory institutions on global and regional levels, along with a growing number of activities that support the implementation of PRME at individual institutions, and a continuation of awareness-raising activities that contribute to the significance of PRME as the global United Nations-supported initiative on responsible management education.

We are happy to report that:

  • Over 80 new institutions have signed on to the PRME, 42 have been delisted for failure to meet the mandatory reporting requirement, 8 PRME Regional Meetings were held, and the 2013 PRME Summit – 5th Annual Assembly convened more than 200 participants from over 50 countries in conjunction with the 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference, seeing the launch of a number of new resources and tools for use by all in the management community. 
  • Last year also welcomed the official launch of the PRME Champions leadership group, at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013. This group of 31 business schools will be dedicated to identifying the practices necessary to unlock the next level of responsible management education and, through their activities, will also shape the future role of PRME and responsible management education and research. Support their work by answering one survey questionbelow related to Faculty Development.

See the full PRME 2013 Annual Report.

Looking Forward to 2014...

As we look forward to the next couple of years, we see a crucial time period in which to shape the future of sustainable development through the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda. Accordingly, PRME signatory institutions are encouraged to align their work with the emerging Post-2015 Agenda, through the individual commitments and collaborative action of PRME workstreams and other engagement platforms. Strong support for this global process will enable the PRME Secretariat to better position the PRME initiative and signatories as key partners for this sustainable development framework, which will guide the work of the UN for the next 15 to 20 years. We believe that this will add critical value for your academic institution.

In line with demand by signatories to better engage management education communities and connect with business on a local level, progress continues to be made to further consolidate regional collaboration. In lieu of convening a global PRME meeting (i.e. there will not be a PRME Summit nor a Global Forum), the PRME community will spend the year focusing on regional meetings. The upcoming year will see 13 PRME Meetings, including 4 new PRME Regional Meetings, while PRME Chapters continue to emerge, and established networks develop further.

We look forward to a fruitful 2014 with your continued engagement and we encourage you to utilise and adapt the growing number of resources that are available on the PRME website, such as case stories selected for the 2013 PRME Summit and 2nd Edition of the Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of PRME, the PRME Anti-Corruption Toolkit, the Collection of Best Practices and Inspirational Solutions for Fighting Poverty through Management Education, the Gender Equality Global Resource Repository, and through related initiatives such as the 50+20 – Management Education for the World.

On behalf of the PRME Secretariat and the UN Global Compact Office, we would like to thank all who contributed to a very successful 2013.

For the Annual Newsletter with upcoming PRME Meetings, and PRME community resources, click here.

11 Feb 2014

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