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PRME and Partnership

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between PRME and, an online, free access teaching and learning resource for business and management education. VLearn features video interviews with Leading Thinkers & Thinking Leaders from the worlds of business and academia, in a best practice exchange that promotes a more sustainable and socially responsible economy. 

This partnership will promote the Principles of PRME as a valuable addition to the global arena of undergraduate and postgraduate business education. As a preferred partner of PRME, VLearn aims to reflect the values and Principles of PRME, connect to the suggested Sustainable Development Goals of the UN's Post-2015 Development Agenda, and exchange ideas for content creation and functionality to ensure that the VLearn site is playing an increasing role in helping to deliver principled educational material to both learners and educators. 

To develop the partnership further, we call on volunteers from the PRME community to form an advisory group to provide feedback and suggestions to further improve the VLearn site. Additionally, we welcome signatory contributions of recent or archival video material for the site, to the share with the wider business school community. Contact to express your interest.

18 Sep 2014

August Recognition - New Signatories, SIPs & Contributions to PRME initiative

We are pleased to highlight contributing PRME signatories for the month of August. We welcome new signatories to the PRME initiative (2), congratulate signatories for submitting their Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports (8), and express our collective thanks to all participants that contributed financially (9) to the PRME initiative over the last month.

New Signatories:

Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports:

Financial Contributions:

01 Sep 2014

PRME Working Group on Poverty - Call for Presentations - 1st PRME Research Conference

At the upcoming 1st Responsible Management Education Research Conference to be held in Chur, Switzerland on 30 October 2014, there will be two sessions devoted to responsible management and poverty reduction. The deadline for extended abstract and/or work in progress is 28 September.

This research conference is the first of its kind to focus exclusively on implementing responsible management education in business teaching.

The two poverty themed sessions, proposed by the PRME Working Group on Poverty, are designed to include a wide range of topics and approaches:

  • Research: Advancing the Discussion on Responsible Management, Sustainable Development, and Poverty Alleviation
    The session will explore how research on poverty alleviation can shape responsible management action and practice.  Conceptual, empirical and focused research papers that advance the understanding of the role, dynamics, and impact of corporations, entrepreneurs, social enterprises  or other organizations on poverty reduction and that provide guidance for responsible management education are welcome.  Works in progress and/or proposals for innovative research designs that lead to new insights or challenge established frameworks about responsible management and poverty are also suitable for this session.
  • Teaching: Creating Student Experiences that Integrate Poverty with Responsible Management
    This session will focus on student learning.  Papers that illustrate how to integrate poverty alleviation topics and issues with responsible management through action learning activities, use of multi-/cross-disciplinary faculty teams, curricular/program/course change strategies, involvement of stakeholders as learning partners are welcome for this session.  Proposed innovations in teaching are also suitable for this session.

Our sessions are design for maximum interaction and discussion between participants.  These sessions will provide presenters with valuable feedback for further improving their respective research, publishing and teaching opportunities and practices.

*Conference registration fees are waived for all accepted conference papers.

Please send your paper, extended abstract and/or work in progress no later than 28 September 2014 to the co-facilitators of the PRME Working Group on Poverty:
          Milenko Gudić and/or
          Al Rosenbloom

We hope to see you in Chur!

NOTE: Early submissions can benefit from both better airline fares and having a wider choice of lodging opportunities in Chur.

18 Aug 2014

July Recognition - New Signatories, SIPs & Contributions to PRME initiative

We are pleased to highlight contributing PRME signatories for the month of July. We welcome new signatories to the PRME initiative (4), congratulate signatories for submitting their Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports (17), and express our collective thanks to all participants that contributed financially (16) to the PRME initiative over the last month.

New Signatories:

Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports:

Financial Contributions:

01 Aug 2014

Call for Contributions - PRME book collection (Business Expert Press)

Business Expert Press's Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) book collection invites further book proposals. With 15 published and forthcoming books, this series is in the process of establishing a compendium on responsible management education and responsible management which is appreciated both in academia and executive education. The collection offers guidance for a growing audience interested in management education for sustainability, responsibility, and ethics, including the over 550 PRME signatory institutions worldwide. Proposals may be related to the following topics or cover additional relevant subject areas as outlined here.

28 Jul 2014

PRME Chapter Iberian (Spain & Portugal) created at PRME workshop

PRME Chapter Iberian (Spain and Portugal) is created during PRME signatory workshop at ESADE Business School

Madrid, Spain 10 July 2014 – The PRME Chapter Iberian (Spain and Portugal) was created during a PRME signatory workshop at ESADE Business School, Madrid, Spain on 10 July, 2014. Following an informal meeting in May at Deusto Business School with some regional PRME signatory school representatives from ESADE Business School, Deusto Business School, IE Business School, IESE Business School, ISEAD, Universidad de Málaga and Universidad Pontificia Comillas, an official 1st Meeting was called by this initial group of Spanish signatories with the support of AESE Escola de Direcção e Negócios from Portugal, for 10 July, to discuss the establishment of a PRME Chapter in Spain and Portugal. 

The initiative in Spain and Portugal has arisen from the meeting of business schools and universities in the region that saw the need to strengthen the participation of signatories of PRME at the regional level—to enhance individual and collective work, promote the adoption of the Principles of PRME in the region, which promote peer learning, dissemination of good practices, experiences and lessons learned—and to create a space for dialogue among the signatories of PRME in Spain and Portugal, who are invited to join this emerging Chapter of PRME in the region. Florencia Librizzi, Manager Participants and Chapters, and Legal & Policy Adviser to PRME Secretariat, was present at the meetings.

Main activities and core value proposition of the emerging PRME Chapter Iberian:

Many activities were discussed with the spirit of peer learning, strengthening the regional PRME community and working together progressively, with a realistic and low-cost agenda of activities. The following activities/projects were decided:

  • The PRME Chapter Iberian will be a PRME regional platform that will help recruiting new PRME signatories in the region, as well as help them to advance in the Six Principles of PRME. It will also be a local catalyser and, in coordination with the PRME Secretariat, a link with the UN Global Compact Local Networks in Spain and Portugal.
  • Organise a first workshop on good regional PRME practices in curriculum and teaching, in February 2015 at University Pontificia de Comillas.
    • The workshop will be a space for the signatories to present good practices in relation to PRME
    • The collection of this material will possibly generate a regional Inspirational Guide on the Implementation of PRME.
  • Develop a workstream on indicators: Ten indicators for each of the ten principles will be developed, in order to help PRME institutions to measure the impact of their activities/projects in advancing PRME. This tool would be an important contribution to the global community of PRME.
  • Planned for 2015: A workshop for dialogue with the companies of Global Compact Local Network Spain and Portugal on the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • A taskforce to study best practices in business school management and internal policy (governance, codes of ethics, reporting routines, etc.) for PRME institutions has been proposed and will be elaborated in the next meetings.
  • The PRME Chapter Iberian will establish an online platform to facilitate communication between all signatories of Spain and Portugal.
  • Other PRME signatories in Spain and Portugal have offered to host future meetings in their campuses.

We thank the hosts as well as the participants for this successful event. Please find here the list of participants of this meeting.

For more information on the PRME Chapter Iberian, contact:

José María de la Villa, coordinator PRME Chapter Iberian, Director de Relaciones Institucionales, ESADE Business School at and Maria João Santos, coordinator PRME Chapter Iberian, Professora Auxiliar com Agregação, Sociología ISEG, Lisboa School of Economics & Management at

For more information on PRME Chapters, contact Florencia Librizzi, Manager Participants and Chapters, Legal & Policy Adviser, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact Office at

10 Jul 2014

PRME 7th Anniversary Webinar: A Reflection on the Journey of PRME

On the occasion of the 7th Anniversary of PRME, members of the original task force, which in 2006-2007 created the 6 Principles of PRME, came together to reflect on the beginnings of PRME, take stock of the present, and look into the future of this UN-supported initiative. The discussion focused around the significance of the initiative in mainstreaming Responsible Management in Higher Education Institutions, rethinking the landscape of sustainability in the classroom and operations, and creating a network of dialogue and action.

The recording and slides of the discussion can be found here. Speakers included Manuel Escudero, Board Member, Deusto Business School and Special Advisor, PRME Secretariat; Patricia H. Werhane, Director of the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics at DePaul University; Angel Cabrera, President of George Mason University; and Jonas Haertle, Head, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact Office.

07 Jul 2014

Business, Investors, Educators and Governments Convene with UN Secretary-General on Post-2015 Development Agenda

(2 July 2014, New York) – A first-of-its-kind meeting between the UN Global Compact Board, the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Advisory Council, the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Champions Group and ambassadors was held today at UN Headquarters in New York to discuss the historic opportunity that business has to shape and advance the post-2015 development agenda.

The high-level luncheon, co-hosted by the Permanent Representatives of Brazil, Nigeria and Switzerland to the United Nations, was attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and nearly 150 participants, including 30 ambassadors. Remarks and interventions offered by several representatives highlighted a growing recognition by the UN and Member States that responsible business and investors are committed to advancing UN issues and are critical partners in the creation and implementation of a new set of sustainable development goals. Carole Parkes, Director Social Responsibility & Sustainability at Aston Business School, addressed participants on behalf of the PRME Champions.

“Our world’s toughest challenges demand solutions that involve business. No sector alone can slow climate change or reverse biodiversity losses.  No single entity can end corruption, poverty and violence, or promote equality, especially for women,” said the Secretary-General. “Success depends on Governments, companies, investors, educators, activists and citizens. Together, we can foster peace and security, protect human rights and achieve sustainable development.”

The Global Compact introduced a paper, "The Role of Business and Finance in Supporting the Post-2015 Agenda," highlighting the role of business and investors in advancing sustainable development goals through responsible business actions. The paper showcases five implementation mechanisms intended to scale up the contribution of the private sector: small- and medium-sized enterprises, partnerships, transparency and accountability, enabling government policies, and private sustainability finance. It also announces a project, in collaboration with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), to develop measurement parameters to monitor, evaluate and upgrade business efforts towards a new set of sustainable development goals. This follows a previous report submitted to the office of the UN Secretary-General in June 2013.

The Secretary-General thanked dedicated companies for “striving to reach greater sustainability performance,” and pointed to the new white paper as an indication that “the pieces are in place to orient business and markets everywhere towards greater sustainability for the post-2015 era.”

The luncheon was held as part of the Global Compact Board meeting, chaired by the Secretary-General. The meeting focused on key priorities for the initiative including its ongoing work to improve good governance, bring corporate sustainability to scale, and advance the role of the private sector in the post-2015 development agenda.

In his remarks to the Board on the initiative’s progress and future, the Secretary-General emphasized that the Global Compact “is the first and only public-private initiative of the United Nations based on network governance. Its unique role and attributes have enabled it to grow and innovate beyond all expectations. The initiative has transitioned to a new phase defined by global strength and action.”


02 Jul 2014

June Recognition - New Signatories, SIPs & Contributions to PRME initiative

June Recognition

We are pleased to highlight contributing PRME signatories for the month of June. We welcome new signatories to the PRME initiative (10), congratulate signatories for submitting their Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports (29), and express our collective thanks to all participants that contributed financially (17) to the PRME initiative over the last month.

New Signatories

Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports

Financial Contributions:


01 Jul 2014

PRME Chapter Latin America and Caribbean becomes formally established [también en español]

PRME Chapter Latin America and Caribbean becomes established at 3rd PRME Regional Meeting LAC

Santa Fe, Mexico City, 18 June 2014 – The PRME Chapter for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) became formally established during the 3rd PRME Regional Meeting LAC, at Egade Business School, Mexico that took place on 17-18 June, 2014. First discussed during the 1st PRME Regional Meeting LAC that took place in December 2011 at IAE Business School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the PRME Chapter LAC officially launched in 2013, at the 2nd PRME Regional Meeting LAC at CENTRUM Catolica Business School, Lima, Peru. After a productive 3rd meeting, PRME signatories in attendance expressed the intention that the PRME Chapter LAC become formally established, signing a declaration with the following main agreements:

Main activities and core value proposition of the PRME Chapter LAC:

  • Convene Annual Meeting for the region
  • Develop Research Network for LAC
  • Research and develop collection of good practices on SIP Reports for LAC
  • Establish website for the PRME Chapter LAC
  • Create social media platform for the PRME Chapter LAC

Governance structure and coordination:

  • PRME Chapter LAC Advisory Committee
  • PRME Chapter LAC President and main contact 

Additionally agreed, the 4th PRME Regional Meeting LAC will take place at Universidad Externado in Bogota, Colombia in 2015.

The conference at EGADE Business School brought together close to 125 participants in two very productive days, and took place under the patronage of the Global Compact Local Network Mexico. Prominent speakers from business schools, the business sector, and Government gave an overview of the current challenges and opportunities regarding sustainable development, humanistic approach to education, climate change, and the implementation of PRME in the business school. The PRME community in LAC was able to reflect together, share experiences and learn from each other, and in addition, strengthen their partnerships.

We thank the hosts as well as the participants for this successful event.

For more information on the PRME Chapter LAC, please contact Dr. Consuelo Garcia de la Torre, EGADE Business School

If you would like to contact the host of the 4th PRME Regional Meeting LAC, please write to Prof. Gustavo Yepes, Externado de Colombia at

For more information on PRME Chapters, please contact Florencia Librizzi, Manager Participants and Chapters, Legal & Policy Adviser, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact Office at


El Capítulo PRME América Latina y el Caribe se establece en la 3ra PRME Reunión Regional de LAC

Santa Fe, Ciudad de México, 18 de junio 2014 - El Capítulo PRME para América Latina y el Caribe (LAC) se establecio oficialmente durante la 3ra Reunión Regional de PRME LAC, en Egade Business School, México, que tuvo lugar los días 17-18 de junio de 2014. El mismo, fue discutido por primera vez durante la 1ra Reunión Regional PRME LAC que tuvo lugar en diciembre de 2011 en el IAE Business School en Buenos Aires, Argentina. El PRME Capítulo LAC fue lanzado oficialmente en 2013, en la 2da Reunión Regional de PRME LAC en CENTRUM Católica Business School, Lima, Perú. Después de una tercera reunión muy productiva, signatarios de PRME asistentes expresaron la intención de que el Capítulo de PRME LAC se convertirse en formalmente establecido, por lo cual firmaron una declaración con los siguientes acuerdos principales:

Principales actividades y propuesta de valor central del Capítulo PRME LAC:

  • Convocar a una Reunión Anual de la región
  • Desarrollar una Red de Investigación para LAC
  • Investigación y desarrollo de colección de buenas prácticas en SIP Informes para LAC
  • Establecer página web para el Capítulo PRME LAC
  • Crear plataformas de medios sociales para el Capítulo PRME LAC 
Estructura y coordinación de Gobierno:
  • Comité Directivo del Capítulo PRME LAC
  • Presidente del Capítulo PRME LAC y el contacto principal

Además se acordo que la 4ta Reunión Regional de PRME LAC tendrá lugar en la Universidad Externado en Bogotá, Colombia en 2015.

La conferencia en la EGADE Business School reunió cerca de 125 participantes en dos días muy productivos, y se llevó a cabo bajo el patrocinio de la Red Local del Pacto Global México. Oradores destacados de escuelas de negocios, el sector empresarial y de Gobierno dieron una visión general de los retos y oportunidades actuales en relación con el desarrollo sostenible, el enfoque humanista de la educación, el cambio climático, y la implementación de PRME en la escuela de negocios. La comunidad PRME en LAC fue capaz de reflexionar juntos, compartir experiencias y aprender unos de otros y fortalecer sus asociaciones. Damos las gracias a los anfitriones, así como los participantes por hacer de este evento un éxito!

Para obtener más información sobre la PRME Capítulo LAC, por favor comuníquese con la Dra. Consuelo García de la Torre, EGADE Business School

Si desea ponerse en contacto con el anfitrión de la 4ta Reunion Regional PRME LAC, por favor escriba a Prof. Gustavo Yepes, Externado de Colombia en

Para obtener más información sobre los capítulos PRME, por favor póngase en contacto con Florencia Librizzi, Gerente de Participantes y Capítulos, Asesor Legal y Política, Secretariado de PRME, Oficina del Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas

18 Jun 2014

Contribute to ESADE/PRME Champions Research Project by 16 June

**Learning in a Social Context Survey**

ESADE is conducting research for the PRME Champions sub-group on Curriculum Development to identify the different experiences of Learning in a Social Context (LSC) developed by PRME signatories. LSC is a designation that encompasses education proposals at all course levels that share at least four characteristics:

  • They take place outside of the classroom;
  • They have a strong experiential component;
  • They require the integration of different subjects and skills;
  • They are carried out in a social-oriented context.

We invite you and your colleagues to support this research project by sharing your LSC-style programmes by responding at no later than 16 June.


  • Please complete one survey for each programme.
  • The LSC activity should be part of the curriculum.
  • The survey domain is for business students only but it may include programmes where business students are mixed with other students. Graduate level and undergraduate level students are both of interest.
  • Please do not refer to business related activities as LSC programs are carried out in a social-oriented context. 

Finally, we would like to underline that the responses we receive will be compiled in a PRME publication on the LSC experiences of PRME signatory institutions. Please feel free to contact ESADE with any comments or if require any additional information (


11 Jun 2014

Signatory Contributions to PRME, May 2014

We are pleased to highlight the continuing contributions of PRME Signatory institutions helping to support the sustainable growth of PRME.

In 2013, a small administrative service fee was introduced for all PRME signatories, to enable growth of the initiative. Communicated in the Annual Letter to PRME Signatories in January 2013 and the budget section of the 2014 PRME Annual Report & 2014 Outlook (see page 29), this service fee supports the administrative operations of the PRME initiative, including helping to keep the PRME website up to date, highlighting your institution on the PRME website and through official communications, distributing signatory profiles and Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports, ensuring regular communication with each PRME participant regarding engagement opportunities, use of the PRME logo, etc.

During the month of May 2014, the following 60 PRME Signatories have contributed:


Invoices are sent to each PRME signatory sent in April and, for all signatories joining afterwards, in November of each year. If your institution has not received an invoice for this year or you would like to make an additional contribution, please do not hesitate to contact us at We thank you for your continuous support to the PRME initiative! 


01 Jun 2014

Giving Voice to Values India Case Collection Release

Giving Voice to Values (GVV) India Case Collection.
We are pleased to announce the release of the Giving Voice To Values India Case Collection, a “region specific” collection of GVV cases, supported by GVV and the PRME Secretariat. All of the new cases are written by Indian faculty and professionals and deal with interpretations of Anti-Corruption in an Indian context.

GVV is an innovative approach to promoting a higher level of integrity in education and the workplace. It is not about persuading people to be more ethical, rather starts from the premise that most of us already want to act on our values, but that we also want to feel that we have a reasonable chance of doing so effectively and successfully. This pedagogy and curriculum is about raising those odds.

See these India case stories and more on the Giving Voice to Values website, under curriculum.

19 May 2014

PRME Secretariat New Website

It has been a long time coming and we are happy to unveil the new look for the PRME website. We welcome you to explore and look forward to your engagement here. Some of new sites highlights include:

  • Greater visibility for PRME signatories and stakeholders;
  • Easier access to relevant resources and tools; and
  • Improved network capabilities through easy access to information about PRME Chapters, Meetings, and Working Groups.

The new homepage features an interactive world map that includes the five newest signatories to PRME and five most recently submitted Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports. Additionally, the latest news, resources, PRiMEtime blog posts, and opportunities for engagement with the PRME community are featured. Taking into account different viewing devices, the update includes website responsiveness to optimise viewing and functionality of the site when using your smartphone or tablet. We invite you to explore these new features and resources as you implement the principles of PRME.

We'd like to thank the invaluable contributions and feedback, from the administrative service fee contributions from PRME signatories, and the continuing support of the PRME Steering Committee, that have made updates to the PRME website possible. 

**If you have experienced viewing errors, try reloading your browser or emptying your browser cache to update.

09 Apr 2014

New PRME & Business in Society Partnership

PRME and Business in Society (BIS) will present video interviews series' around the topic areas relevant to Higher Education Institutions and businesses committed to creating sustainable social, environmental and economic value.

The first series of interviews comes from the 2014 Annual Women's Empowerment Principles Event at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. In the videos, Anne-Marie Slaughter (President and CEO, New America Foundation), Barbara J. Krumsiek (President and CEO, Calvert Investments, Inc.) and Ursula Wynhoven (General Counsel, UN Women/UN Global Compact), contribute to the debate on gender equality in the workplace and beyond. Each give valuable insight on actions that can be taken to advance equality and champion women as leaders in societies and businesses around the world. Watch the 7-minute video here, and the full-length video of interviews here.

In the second video interview, Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, highlights the work of the private sector in advancingthrough Global Compact Working Groups and Local Networksa set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

Other issue-area interview videos, such as Human Rights and Water Rights, are available on the BIS website.

07 Apr 2014

Call for Papers: 3rd PRME Regional Meeting Latin America & Caribbean (LAC)

Call for Papers 3rd PRME Regional Meeting Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC)

The 3rd PRME Regional Meeting Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) “Ethics, Transparency and Sustainability: Pillars for business competitiveness,” will be held 16-19 June 2014, at EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey,  Campus Santa Fe located in Mexico City, Mexico. 

The Meeting will be held in both Spanish and English, and papers accepted in both languages.

This Call for Papers is extended to universities and business schools aligned with the PRME principles, and the Latin America and the Caribbean Chapter, who are interested in sharing their experiences and best practices inspired by the principles of PRME. 

The following topics are suggested for the presentation of papers:

  • Climate change and sustainable business strategies
  • Social and technological entrepreneurship
  • Business ethics
  • Transparency mechanisms in companies
  • Adoption of PRME principles in business and responsible management educational models

Submission deadline: 30 April , 2014

For further details, see the full call for papers in English here, and in Spanish here.


Convocatoria de ponencias 3ra Reunión Regional PRME América Latina y el Caribe (LAC)

La 3era Reunión Regional PRME América Latina y el Caribe (LAC): “Ética, Transparencia y sostenibilidad:
Pilares de la competitividad”
 que se llevará a cabo los días 16 al 19 de Junio de 2014, en EGADE Business School del Tecnológico de Monterrey, Sede Santa Fe en la Ciudad de México, México.
La reunión se llevará a caso en español inglés, y las ponencias serán aceptadas en ambos idiomas.

Esta convocatoria se extiende a las universidades y escuelas de negocios firmantes de los Principios de PRME de la región de Latinoamérica y el Caribe que estén interesados en compartir sus experiencias y mejores prácticas inspiradas en los principios de PRME. La 3era Reunión Regional PRME América Latina y el Caribe proponen los siguientes temas para la presentación de ponencias:

  • Cambio climático y las estrategias de negocio sostenibles
  • Emprendimiento social y tecnológico
  • Ética empresarial
  • Mecanismos de transparencia y rendición de cuentas en las empresas
  • Inclusión de principios de PRME en los modelos educativos de negocios y gestión responsable.
Vea la convocatoria para ponencias en inglese aqui, y en espaniol aqui.

27 Mar 2014

Thomson Reuters Ongoing Partnership Features PRiMEtime blog

A partnership between PRME and Thomson Reuters will now include a weekly feature of the PRiMEtime blog posts on their Sustainability website

View the first feature here.

PRiMEtime brings together and shares best practices on how to mainstream sustainability and responsible leadership into management education globally. The blog serves as a platform to share and discuss inspirational activities that promote the development of responsible leaders.

What does PRiMEtime cover?
The blog features examples from around the world and includes both success stories and lessons learned. Posts cover a wide variety of activities, ranging from efforts to embed sustainability and responsible leadership into curricula, student led initiatives, and the outcomes of partnerships with business, NGOs and other schools. Additionally, the blog highlights the hidden “i's” of PRME (Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation, and Impact), by:

  • Representing our INTERNATIONAL network through a growing collection of examples from across the globe,
  • Exploring INNOVATIVE ideas that are being tested in management education,
  • Taking an INTERDISCIPLINARY approach by both looking across the business school environment and learning from other industries and disciplines,
  • Featuring INDIVIDUAL change makers who have transformed their institutions from within,
  • Focusing on IMPLEMENTATION through practical examples, from lessons learned through “failure” to inspirational examples, and
  • INSPIRING business schools to get more involved in mainstreaming responsible management education.

Who is behind the blog?
PRiMEtime is a joint initiative between the Secretariat of the PRME and Giselle Weybrecht, author of The Sustainable MBA: The Manager’s Guide to Green Business.

05 Mar 2014

IMTA - International Management Teachers Academy: Application deadline extended

CEEMAN's International Management Teachers Academy (IMTA) 2014 has extended its application deadline to 21 March 2014, giving priority to PRME signatories.

IMTA is an intensive and highly interactive two-week program with a well-balanced focus on general and discipline-specific aspects of management education. The 15th edition will take place on 8-20 June 2014 in Bled, Slovenia.

The 2014 IMTA disciplinary tracks include:  

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Business in Society, introduced in 2013

View the call for applications here.

See the Video story on IMTA, an outcome of the 2013 PRME Summit, which describes IMTA through the lens of the “4 I’s” of PRME: Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation and Impact.


03 Mar 2014

PRME DACH Chapter launches at Regional Meeting in Austria

Innsbruck, 21 Feb 2014 – After two years of preparation the Regional PRME Chapter for the German-speaking part of Europe was officially launched at the Conference on Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, at MCI Management Center Innsbruck from 20th - 22nd February 2014.

The following higher education institutions are part of the founding group of the PRME DACH Chapter:

  • HTW Chur, CH - represented by Juerg Kessler
  • Pforzheim University, Germany - represented by Ulrich Jautz
  • MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria - represented by Andreas Altmann
  • Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany - represented by Gerhard Minnameier
  • GGS Heilbronn, German Graduate School of Management & Law, Germany -represented by Christopher Stehr
  • WU Wien, Austria - Vienna University of Economics & Business - represented by Fred Luks
  • Hochschule der Medien, Germany – Steinbeis University Berlin - represented by Wilfried Mödinger
  • IUBH School of Business and Management, Germany - represented by Kurt Jeschke
  • TU Dresden - IHI Zittau, Germany - represented by Albert Löhr
  • Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden (OTH), Germany - represented by Bernhard Bleyer
  • Educatis Foundation /Educatis Unversity Organisation, Germany - Konstantin Theile
  • IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria
  • Reutlingen University, Germany - represented by Bernd Banke
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany - represented by Heike Borst
  • University of Tuebingen - Global Ethics Institute, Germany - represented by Claus Dierksmeier

The conference at MCI Management Center Innsbruck brought together close to 150 participants and took place under the patronage of the UN Global Compact Office of the United Nations and the PRME DACH-Initiative with the support of the Global Compact Local Networks in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Prominent speakers from business schools, the business sector and Government gave an overview of the current challenges and opportunities regarding sustainable development.

The following meeting of the PRME DACH Chapter will take place on 30/31 October 2014 at HTW Chur in Switzerland. Further information will be published soon.

The Principles of Responsible Management Education were developed in 2007 by an international task force of sixty deans, university presidents and official representatives of leading business schools and academic institutions under coordination of the UN Global Compact Office.
The idea of developing a principle-based global engagement platform for academic institutions follows from a recommendation by all academic stakeholders of the UN Global Compact.

See photos from the Meeting and Launch, here.

For more information on the PRME Regional Conference at MCI Innsbruck:

For more information on the PRME DACH Chapter:


For more information:

Florencia Librizzi
PRME Manager Participants and Chapter, Legal & Policy Advisor PRME Secretariat
UN Global Compact Office


21 Feb 2014

PRME at the Academy of Management (AOM) 2014 Annual Meeting

Head of the PRME Secretariat, Jonas Haertle, will be speaking at the Professional Development Workshop session, Using the Power of Spiritual and Religious Words to Create a Sustainable and Responsible World, at the 2014 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

This year's conference, The Power of Words, will be held 1-5 August 2014, in Phliadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Check the AOM event listing for updates on the time and date of this, and additional PRME Sessions.

14 Feb 2014

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