PRME Logo Policy

The name and logo of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) belongs to the United Nations Global Compact. The PRME initiative grants signatories and partners a limited right to use its logo ("the PRME logo") based on regulations and criteria described below. For a full downloadable PDF version of the PRME Logo Policy, please click here.


In 2016, the PRME Steering Committee and Advisory Committee, along with the PRME Secretariat, conducted a strategic review of the PRME initiative. Based on the recommendations made during the strategic review, the PRME Secretariat has implemented a model of engagement opportunities available for PRME signatories to ensure a more sustainable funding model. Based off of this model, only PRME Champions and Advanced PRME signatories have permission to use the PRME logo.

Advanced PRME signatories comply with the SIP Policy (timely submission of a SIP Report at least once every two years), as well as make a nominal contribution to the Annual Service Fee. These signatories are entitled to additional engagement and leadership opportunities, including use of the PRME logo. Basic PRME signatories are compliant with the SIP Policy but have not yet contributed to the Annual Service Fee, and therefore have limited engagement opportunities. Basic signatories do not have rights to use of the PRME logo.

For more information about the PRME Signatory Model, please click here.

The PRME logo policy permits PRME Champions and Advanced PRME signatories to use the PRME logo only in the context of activities promoting the PRME and its goals, but not in any manner that suggests or implies that the PRME initiative has endorsed or approved of the activities, products, and/or services of the organisation, or that the PRME initiative is the source of any such activities, products, and/or services. In accordance with this policy, the following uses of the PRME logo will generally be permitted:

  • In statements and documents (including websites) outlining an organisation's commitment to and participation in the PRME initiative;
  • In the context of a participant's "Sharing Information on Progress" document;*
  • In training and/or other educational materials related to PRME;
  • In documents and/or other materials designed to promote PRME.

The PRME logo must not be used for the following purposes:

  • Any use of the logo in connection with fundraising;
  • Any use of the logo suggesting or implying that that PRME approves or endorses the activities, products and/or services of the organization;
  • Any use of the logo as an indicia of origin of products and/or services;
  • Any use of the logo as a component of an organization's own logo, trademark or other branding elements;
  • Any use of the logo suggesting or implying a certification or seal of approval for activities, services and/or products.

*Please note that all PRME signatories are encouraged to use the SIP logo for their SIP report. No permission from the PRME Secretariat is needed to use the SIP logo.

Advanced PRME signatories and PRME Champions who wish to use the PRME logo are encouraged to contact the PRME Secretariat if they are unsure of the proper use of the logo, would like guidance on appropriate placement and coloring, or would like to report its improper use.

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