Participation in PRME

PRME is a voluntary engagement platform for business schools and management education-related institutions. An organisation that signs on to PRME expresses its conviction that academic institutions, through integrating universal values into curriculum and research, can contribute to a more stable and inclusive global market and help build prosperous and thriving societies.

Why Join PRME?

  • The Six Principles of PRME provide a United Nations-supported framework for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and especially management and business programmes, to embed corporate sustainability in education, research, and campus practices.
  • PRME signatories gain recognition for their effort to address United Nations-supported and internationally accepted values.
  • PRME signatories gain access to dynamic local and global learning communities that collaborate on projects and events that address the complex challenges faced by business and society in the 21st century.

For more detailed information on the Engagement Model and Benefits to joining PRME, read here.

Sign up to PRME:

  • Academic institutions that are publicly recognised (i.e. legal/government recognition) and degree granting, and Corporate Universities whose parent organisations are Participants of the UN Global Compact are invited to apply using this form.

Upon acceptance to PRME, Signatories are encouraged to:

  • Set in motion changes to implement PRME within the institution's operations, curriculum and research;
  • Commit to report regularly on the progress made to all stakeholders;
  • Publicly advocate the values of the PRME;
  • Engage with the PRME community to maximise the benefits of participation in the initiative by joining any of our existing PRME Working Groups, PRME Regional Chapters, Regional Meetings, and/or participating in upcoming programmed PRME activities;
  • Support the global operation of the initiative through a nominal annual service fee.

Supporting Organisations

If your association / organisation does not fulfill the categories detailed above, but is interested in formally supporting the PRME initiative, please read more about becoming a Supporting Organisation.