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Events - 5 October 2012

Webinar: Human Rights & Business

In this Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Webinar on Human Rights and Business, Tom Hickey of Hess Corporation and Anthony Ewing of Columbia Law School and Logos Consulting discuss the relevance of human rights to businesses and their implications for global management education.

View a recording of the webinar here.

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In June 2011, the UN Human Rights Council adopted a set of Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  The Guiding Principles, and the Protect-Respect-Remedy Framework that they elaborate, are the culmination of six years work by Professor John Ruggie of Harvard University's Kennedy School in his capacity as Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Business and Human Rights.  Among other things, the Principles make clear that business has a responsibility to respect human rights, which means not to cause or contribute to human rights abuse and to address adverse human rights impacts with which the business is involved.  Respect for human rights is already a component of the Global Compact's human rights principles.

What are the implications for management education of these important developments, which are being taken seriously by so many businesses and other organizations around the world? Among other things, the number of graduate level courses at universities worldwide addressing business and human rights is growing. This webinar for the PRME community provides an update on this key area of corporate sustainability and introduces a social network established in 2011 for individuals teaching business and human rights to share curricula, teaching strategies and common challenges. A major multinational business also provides a business perspective on the topic and shares business expectations for management education in this area. The webinar then affords the opportunity for Q&A and discussion with brief comments from a representative of the UN Global Compact's Human Rights team.

05 Oct 2012

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