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Save the date: Systems Thinking and the SDGs

A PRME workshop on Systems Thinking - in partnership with the Schumacher Institute.

Approaches/tools and application in the context of the SDGs

Friday 10th May 2019 at CREATE Environment Centre, Bristol BS1 6XN

Arrival for 10am, start at 10.30am and finish by 5pm

10thMay 2019, CREATE Centre, Bristol, BS1 6XN.

The nature of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires an interdisciplinary mind-set. In line with this UKI PRME members identified systems thinking as a key area for development.

This day has been put together to demonstrate the ways that a systems approach aid an understanding of complex sustainability issues and to give you opportunities to explore how to apply them in your own work.

  • Speakers will make links between global issues of the SDGs and the need to re-think economy.
  • The day will provide an overview of systems approaches to dealing with complexity.
  • Identifying complex issues in your work and ways to approach them.
  • Issues for business in engaging with systems thinking - the Prepare for Change model.
  • Option to take away a Certificate from the Institute in Introduction to Systems Thinking

Save the date, and book now to join us for our latest faculty development event. A small fee of £30 applies (£40 if not at a PRME Institution)

You can book here:

About the Schumacher Institute

"The Schumacher Institute is a think tank. We believe that our planet faces complex social, economic and environmental crises that are hard to solve, however, we are optimistic that solutions can be found. We apply systems thinking to explore and test sustainable options, which acknowledge the complexity of our world. We see social justice as integral to sustainability and look for answers that are fair to all, within the limits the Earth can sustain."

Find out more here about the Institute and the Schumacher Conference day on the 9th Systems Connections, Climate Emergency and the Wellbeing Economy:

Our Keynote Contributors:

  • Dr Jenneth Parker, Research Director, Schumacher Institute : 
  • Prof Vala Ragnarsdottir, Professor of Sustainability, University of Iceland, Member of the Club of Rome and the Balaton group and the international Wellbeing Economy Alliance: 
  • David Collste, Phd student at Stockholm and Clermont Ferrand universities with the Marie Curie Adapt Econ II programme ' Adaptation to a New Economic Reality' 
  • Dr John Blewitt, Distinguished Fellow, Schumacher Institute:

We hope to see as many as possible of you on the 10th May.

Carole ParkesAlex Hope and Jonathan Louw(event organisers on behalf of the PRME UK and Ireland Steering Committee)


10 May 2019
CREATE Environment Centre, Bristol, UK

Save the Dates: PRME Chapter Meeting Central and Eastern Europe

The PRME Chapter Meeting Central and Eastern Europe will be hosted by Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. More information and programme details will be posted soon.


30 May 2019
to 31 May 2019
Budapest, Hungary

Save the Date: PRME Regional Meeting North America

Please note that the 2019 PRME Regional Meeting North America will take place on 2-4 June in Cleveland, OH. The meeting will be co-hosted by the College of Business Administration, Kent State University and the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. 

We are delighted to welcome keynote speaker Helle Bank Jorgensen, President Emeritus and Senior Advisor, UN Global Compact Local Network Canada. Helle has done a truly masterful job in using UNGC Canada as a platform for multi-stakeholder engagement. We looking forward to hearing her ideas on UNGC Canada and PRME North America engagement. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the 2nd Annual UN PRME Chapter North America Excellence Awards in Teaching, Research and Service. Please forward nominations for any one or all three of the categories to Please read carefully and follow the directions contained in the attached power point presentation. Once I receive the nominations, I will then forward the nomination materials at the appointed time to Chapter Steering Committee excellence awards sub-committees for consideration and review. The deadline for nominations is the 28th of February.

Please visit the website to register for the event and view the preliminary meeting agenda, including optional events: a pre-meeting Learning Journey and Monday night Farm-to-Fork dinner and presentation.  


02 Jun 2019
to 04 Jun 2019

Save the Date: 6th Annual Conference of the UK & Ireland PRME Regional Chapter

Save the Date: The 6th Annual Conference of the UK & Ireland PRME Regional Chapter will take place on July 8th - 10th at Leeds University Business School.  Full details to follow in due course.

08 Jul 2019
to 10 Jul 2019
Leed University Business School

Save the Date: 6th Responsible Management Education Research Conference

Save the Date: 6th Responsible Management Education Research Conference

 We are pleased to announce that the 6th Responsible Management Education Research Conference “Multistakeholders Engagement for Agenda 2030: Individual and Organizational Collaboration to Address the Complexity of the SDGs” will take place on 29 September – 3 October 2019 at Jönköping International Business School.


 We invite you to participate in the debate about how diverse stakeholders can successfully engage, collaborate and partner towards achieving Agenda 2030. The 6th RMER Conference hosted by Jönköping International Business School is a forum intended to engage multiple stakeholders in a dialogue around Agenda 2030 and enhance further collaborations in education, research and business practices to advance the SDGs. The Conference is the place where new propositions, theories, experiential studies and practical innovations will be exposed to help address the following questions:

Who are the stakeholders and how to embrace their diversity? What types of leverages do they have? How can collaborations be encouraged? What are the inspiring stories? How to educate towards multistakeholder collaboration? How to help our students engage with other disciplines, other individuals and organizations towards achieving Agenda 2030 and beyond?


 An exciting program will include diverse formats such as prominent keynote speakers from academia, and private, public and not-for profit sectors and youths, thematic panels and roundtables, parallel sessions on multistakeholder engagement for Agenda 2030, student posters, field visits, start-ups and other forms of interactive exchange.

 The conference will be held in conjunction with the 7th PRME Chapter DACH Annual Meeting, PRME Nordic Chapter Meeting and Jönköping University Agenda 2030 Day, to which conference participants are invited to contribute.

 The RME Research Conferences are by tradition open for co-design by PRME Working Groups, PRME Regional Chapters, PRME Champion Groups, other stakeholders, and research and practitioner communities from PRME Chapteres, Global Compact Local Networks and UN  local offices, etc.

 We invite you to contribute to the event by proposing conference topics, tracks and sessions that could contribute to the research agenda and learning innovations for multistakeholder engagement and Agenda 2030.

 Conference preliminary program

Welcome/informal meeting                                                               29 September

Meetings: PRME Regional Chapters, Champions, Working Groups           30 September

RMER Conference                                                                            1-2 October

JU Agenda 2030 Day                                                                          3 October



About Sweden, Region Småland and Jönköping


The RMER Conference 2019 will take place in inspiring Sweden, ranking #1 worldwide in achieving the SDGs (2018 SDGs Index and Dashboard Report) and ranking amongst the world top happiest countries (World Happiness Report, 2018).

Region Småland hosts IKEA Museum, right where IKEA started. Region Jönköping and its industrial heritage is best represented by Husqvarna where weapons, vehicles and appliances have been manufactured and sold since the 17th century. Jönköping University cofounded Jönköping Science Park supporting more than 300 new companies, some of which have a special focus on entrepreneurship for Agenda 2030.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and contributions and will be delighted to meet you in Jönköping! More about the 6th RME Research Conference and the series of the October 2019 events in Jönköping will be available shortly on the conference home page, which is under construction

 The Conference is co-organized by PRME Secretariat, PRME Nordic Regional Chapter, PRME Anti-poverty Working Group, and the conference hosts Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping, Sweden.


Program Co-chairs: Milenko Gudic, Lutz E. Schlange

Jönköping International Business School PRME Manager: Guénola Nonet

JIBS Conference organizing team:


29 Sep 2019
to 03 Oct 2019
Jönköping, Sweden

Save the Date: PRME Regional Meeting LAC

Save the Date: Please note that the 2019 PRME Regional Meeting LAC will take place on 8-11 October at Escuela de Administración y Negocios, CETYS Universidad, Campus Mexicali. Details to follow.

08 Oct 2019
to 11 Oct 2019
Escuela de Administración y Negocios CETYS Universidad, Campus Mexicali

PRME Regional Meeting LAC

Nos es cordial el invitarle a participar en el 8vo. ENCUENTRO REGIONAL PRME para América Latina y el Caribe: TRASCENDIENDO FRONTERAS CON LIDERAZGO SOCIALMENTE RESPONSABLE el cual tendrá lugar del 8 al 11 de octubre de 2019 en las instalaciones de CETYS Universidad Campus Mexicali. 

¡Estamos emocionados por recibirlos/as en CETYS Universidad Campus Mexicali y esperamos sus propuestas de ponencia!

La participación de CETYS Universidad como sede del 8vo. ENCUENTRO REGIONAL PRME, LATINOAMERICA Y EL CARIBE, recae directamente sobre los nuevos postulados de la OCDE, UNESCO, OIT y la ONU, A TRAVÉS DE LA ESTRUCTURA establecida para el desarrollo de dicho encuentro, tomando como base las generaciones empresariales socialmente responsables, liderazgo, calidad e innovación educativa que trasciende fronteras. Como punto focal en materia de desarrollo de la universidad globalizada y competitiva. Con el objetivo central de formar futuras generaciones de líderes empresariales socialmente responsables, capaces de hacer frente a los retos que se desprenden de los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible, que emanan del PRME.

*DEADLINE para registrar ponencias sobre buenas prácticas en educación: 11 de marzo de 2019.*

Link de registro para ponencia:

Sitios de interés:

Página del evento (aún en construcción): 

Página Oficial de Turismo en Mexicali:

Página Oficial de Turismo en California (USA): 

Próximamente estaremos confirmando mayores detalles de este encuentro regional para miembros de PRME.


08 Oct 2019
to 11 Oct 2019
Mexicali, Mexico

Save the Date: 7th CR3+ Conference

Save the Date: 7th CR3+ Conference

We are pleased to announced that the 7th CR3 + Conference will take place on 24-25 October 2019 at La Trobe Business School.

CR3+ is a collaborative initiative of four PRME champions: Audencia Business School (France), Hanken School of Economics (Finland), ISAE/FGV (Brazil) and La Trobe Business School (Australia). These champions have been working together since 2008, with the aim to exchange ideas, pedagogical processes, curriculum and research in the area of corporative responsibility.

This year conference’s overall theme is ‘Using Dialogue to Build Partnerships for Sustainability’. The conference explores how partnerships can bring about sustainable solutions as we work together on progressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As we work towards building a more sustainable world we cannot work in isolation. Partnerships are necessary to ensure long term success. However, the partnership model may be problematic, with issues arising such as co-option and abuse of power. Differences between actors can also lengthen the journey and make the measure of success difficult to determine.

We want you to join in collaborative and constructive dialogue to extend your networks and deepen your understanding of corporate responsibility.

For more information, please contact

24 Oct 2019
to 25 Oct 2019
Melburne, Australia

PRME Regional Meeting Australia New Zealand

Save the Date:

We are pleased to announced that the 2019 PRME Regional Meeting Australia and New Zealand will take on 26 October at La Trobe Business School, on the sidelines of the 7th CR3 + Conference

More details to follow. 

26 Oct 2019
Melburne, Australia

4th PRME Champions Meeting

Save the Date:

We are pleased to announced that the 4th PRME Champions Meeting will take place on 28-31 October in Merlburne, Australia, hosted by La Trobe University and Deakin University.

More details to follow.

28 Oct 2019
to 31 Oct 2019
Melburne, Australia

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