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6th Annual Academic Research Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

The Center for Leadership & Social Responsibility at the Milgard School of Business, University of Washington Tacoma will be hosting the 6th annual Research Conference on Good Business, 9-10 July, 2015.

This conference aims to showcase cutting edge scholarship on a range of topics:

  • CSR
  • Socially responsible investing 
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability Citizenship
  • New business forms & governance 
  • Corporate philanthropy 
  • Social reporting 

This event will provide a forum for shaping future research in these areas, and a venue to present and discuss current research in a field we are generally referring to as Good Business. Scholars from multiple disciplines, using all relevant methods, are invited to submit research papers or proposals to the conference. Find details on the Call for Papers, with the 1 April submission deadline, here.

Further information to follow. 

09 Jul 2015
to 10 Jul 2015
Tacoma, WA, USA

The 1st Forum on Sustainable Development in Higher Education

The 1st Forum on Sustainable Development in Higher Education will take place on July 21, 2015, organised by Hang Seng Management College (HSMC) and Co-organised byUNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok, Thailand, and HSMC. The Forum aims to develop an awareness of future teaching mindset and pedagogy needed to match the needs of the community, and the appropriate institutionalised policy to increase the relevancy of continual professional development of scholars, teachers, industry practitioners to understand the linkage between sustainable development and higher education, including supply chain management in various kinds of matters in the higher education sector.

The establishment of the 1st Forum on Sustainable Development in Higher Education is to promote the regional cooperation of sustainable development in higher education with the principles of:

  • Facilitating active engagement in participatory development processes; and
  • Sharing good practices on integrating social, economic and environmental education 

for wisdom development and value creation in curriculum, in well-being and in development of institutions.

The Forum provides educators, researchers, policy-makers, learners and NOGs with the theory and knowledge in relation to sustainable development, and also gives attendees practical experiences with good practices for skill, attitude, value development to increase their competitive edge necessary for sustainability.

For details on registration and the agenda, see the event website here.

21 Jul 2015
Hong Kong

PRME Chapter Brazil Meeting

We are pleased to announce the third PRME Chapter Brazil Meeting of 2015 will be held on 21 July at SESI/PR, Brazil. More details to follow.

Learn more about the PRME Chapter Brazil here.

21 Jul 2015
Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

Save the Date – Responsible Management Education Research Conference

The Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement at School of Business at the American University in Cairo and the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Regional Chapter MENA (Middle East and North Africa), are pleased to announce the 2nd Responsible Management Education Research Conference: Inclusive Business, will be held 7-8 September at the American University of Cairo (AUC), in Cairo, Egypt.

The main theme of the conference, Inclusive Businesses, is a dynamic and growing field of business practice that is changing the development solution matrix for institutions, and actors working towards poverty alleviation, equitable development and inclusive growth. With a more strategic and developmental footprint, inclusive businesses transcend the conventional CSR model by  advancing profitable supply and value chain partnerships with the poor, and socially responsible interventions. Serving as an effective and sustainable framework for poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor at the base of the pyramid (BoP), there is much to learn about the role, concepts and models of inclusive businesses in order to unleash its potential.

Building on the 1st Responsible Management Education Research Conference held in Chur, Switzerland in October 2014, the aim of this year’s Conference is to foster knowledge exchange and networking opportunities by connecting emerging as well as established regional PRME Chapters, PRME Working Groups and other entities in the PRME community (both signatories and non-signatories), with key regional stakeholders and the wider audience of educators and representatives of universities, students, business, government, media, and civil society organizations; eager to advance their knowledge and skills integrating responsible management and sustainable development into their professional efforts.

Call for Contributions

The conference invites contributions to research sessions, interactive panel and roundtable discussions and poster sessions and demonstrations on various aspects of inclusive businesses, covering a broad spectrum of topics including poverty reduction, social entrepreneurship and social businesses, startups in the value chains of regional and multinational corporations, models for aggregating the production capacity of small producers, scaling up initiatives for inclusive businesses, impact investing and the role of strategic philanthropy and volunteerism in upgrading BoP players.

The conference will provide a forum for a truly global discussion of ideas, research, and showcasing projects and interventions that can help advance more inclusive businesses in practice and in management education, as well as achieving responsible business eco-systems.

See full details on the conference website.

07 Sep 2015
to 08 Sep 2015
Cairo, Egypt

PRME Workshop @ CBS: Launching and Implementing a Responsible Management Education Program

We would like to draw your attention to and invite interested individuals to attend the new Copenhagen Business School and CBS-Executive program: “Launching and Implementing a Responsible Management Education Program.”

The course is aimed at individuals whom we sometimes refer to as “PRME Ministers.” This term underlines the quasi-political role PRME administrators play in our institutions. We often face (on our own or in a small team) the daunting task of reviewing teaching activities and suggesting ways to improve our institution’s alignment with PRME.

By joining this academic development course you will have an opportunity to review the key steps required for the launch and implementation of a Responsible Management Education Program. You will do so in a group of peers with whom you can share experiences and suggestions for how to overcome challenges. Following the success the program had in 2014, we are planning to hold it at run it again in 2015 at the following locations: 

  • 11-13 May in Beijing, China
  • 17-19 September in Copenhagen, Denmark

It is recommend that participating institutions send at least two participants (one faculty member and one administrator) since the practice of responsible management education requires interventions from across your institution. Furthermore, teams of participants will find it easier to implement learnings from the seminar when back on their home campus.

Please find out more about how to sign up for the program here:

If you would like to indicate your preliminary interest, please follow this link:

For brief testimonies of past participants, please watch the video, where you can hear the views colleagues from Canada, Switzerland and Hong Kong had on the program.


17 Sep 2015
to 19 Sep 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark

Save the Date – 23rd CEEMAN Annual Conference

We are pleased to announce the PRME Steering Committe member CEEMAN 23rd Annual Conference will take place at Almaty Management University, 23-26 September 2015, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The conference is their most important annual event, attended by at least 150 participants from 35 countries - deans and directors of business schools and universities, corporate partners, and international publishers.

The theme of this year's conference is Localization vs. Globalization of Leadership and Management Development in Dynamic Societies. Expert presentations, panels and parallel workshops will address, among other, the questions of:

  • How do education programs, research, and institutional management practices reflect the local and global business needs?
  • What are the business challenges of global vs local balance and how it reflects on leadership and management development? 
  • How does management education match up to the business challenges and needs? 

See the save the date flyer here.

Details to follow. 

23 Sep 2015
to 26 Sep 2015
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Save the date – 4th PRME Regional Meeting Latin America and Caribbean

Nos complace anunciar que la 4ta reunión regional PRME se celebrará los días 20-22 de octubre en la Universidad Externado de Colombia, en Bogotá, Colombia.

El objetivo de la 4ta Reunión Regional PRME de Latinoamérica y el Caribe es promover la discusión y adopción de los principios PRME y del Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas en las escuelas de negocios, empresas,  sector público y las instituciones de la sociedad civil en América Latina y el Caribe.

Encuentros regionales anteriores realizados en diferentes países de América Latina han sido espacios importantes para reunir a las escuelas de negocios, que han resultado en diversos proyectos dinámicos, asociaciones, grupos de trabajo y muchas otras actividades.

Las instituciones de educación superior tienen un papel principal impartiendo conocimiento a las nuevas generaciones. Los futuros líderes deben tener una educación integral que les brinde herramientas para enfrentar los actuales desafíos globales. La implementación de educación responsable en gestión debe ser una prioridad para las escuelas de negocios.

La Reunión Regional PRME LAC es una oportunidad para compartir experiencias, conocimiento y buenas prácticas. El tema central del evento es la contribución de la academia a los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible.

Algunos de los temas a explorar son:

  • El papel de la Academia y su contribución a los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.
  • Desafíos en la Implementación de PRME.
  • Mecanismos de evaluación e impacto de PRME.
  • Percepción de Empresarios y Cazadores de Ejecutivos en las Escuelas de Negocios.
  • Retos del trabajo colaborativo en PRME.

La 3ra Reunión Regional PRME de América Latina y el Caribe tuvo lugar en EGADE Business School en la Ciudad de México, México. La 2da Reunión Regional PRME de América Latina y el Caribe se celebró en junio de 2012 en CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School  en Lima, Perú. 1ra Reunión Regional PRME de América Latina y el Caribe se celebró en diciembre de 2011 en el IAE Business School de Buenos Aires.

Esperamos una participación muy rica y diversa de las empresas, los tomadores de decisiones, el sector privado, la sociedad civil y el gobierno. En caso de dudas o comentarios, por favor contáctese con nosotros a: o  

Los invitamos a ser parte de la solución para los diversos desafíos que enfrenta nuestra región.

 Para la inscripción anticipada, por favor envíe un correo electrónico con su nombre, afiliación institucional y la información de contacto a: Más información se puede encontrar en el sitio web del evento aquí.

Les animamos a participar de este importante evento, y esperamos contar con su presencia en octubre en Colombia.


We are pleased to announce that the 4th PRME Regional Meeting will be held on 20-22 October at Externado University of Colombia, in Bogotá, Colombia.

The aim of the PRME LAC Meeting is to promote discussion and adoption of PRME and UN Global Compact principles by local business schools, businesses, public sector actors, and civil society institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Past Regional Meetings hosted in different countries of Latin America have been important spaces to bring together business schools, which have resulted in many dynamic projects, partnerships, working groups and many other activities.

Higher education institutions have a main role imparting knowledge to new generations. Future leaders must have an integral education that gives them tools to face the current global challenges. Implementing responsible management educations must be a priority for Business Schools.

The PRME LAC Meeting is an opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and good practices. The main topic of the event is the contribution of the academy to sustainable development goals.

Some of the topic to explore are:

  • The Role of the Academy and its contribution to Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Challenges in the Implementation of PRME
  • Evaluation Mechanisms and Impact of PRME
  • Perception of Businessmen and Head Hunters on Business Schools
  •  Challenges of Collaborative work on PRME

The 3rd PRME Regional Meeting Latin America and the Caribbean took place at EGADE Business School in Mexico City, Mexico.  The 2nd PRME Regional Meeting Latin America and the Caribbean was held in June 2012 at CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School in Lima, Peru. The 1st PRME Latin American Regional Meeting was held in December 2011 at IAE Business School in Buenos Aires.

We  look forward to a very rich and diverse participation from business, policy makers, private sector, civil society and government. If you have any question, please contact us at  or  We invite you to be part of the solution for the many challenges facing our region.

For early registration, please send an email with your name, institutional affiliation and contact information to . More information is available on the event website here.

We encourage you to take part of this important event, and we look forward to seeing you in October in Colombia.

21 Oct 2015
to 22 Oct 2015
Bogota, Colombia

22nd Annual International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference (IVBEC)

St. John’s University, New York will host the International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference in 2015. This conference attracts leading academics to examine, discuss and develop the role of Business Ethics in economic, political, corporate and social life today. 

The theme of the IVBEC 2015 conference, UN Global Compact and UN PRME: What we Practice and What We Teach in Business Ethics, addresses topics in all areas of business and professional ethics. Keynote addresses by UN and business leaders, panel sessions, academic paper sessions and paper development workshops will be used to spur discussion amongst conference participants on ethics and ethical decision making in business.

As the United Nations works toward a September 2015 deadline to establish post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, the theme of the conference will focus on how business education and business practices align to foster responsible management of organizations in a sustainable future. Proposals are encouraged that relate to the intersection of Business Ethics and the role that the UN Global Compact and the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) play in sustainable and inclusive development within a global context.  

The Call for Papers can be found here, and further conference details can be found on the website at:

22 Oct 2015
to 24 Oct 2015
New York City, USA

Save the Date – 3rd PRME Chapter Meeting DACH

We are pleased to announce the 3rd PRME Chapter Meeting DACH will be held on 4 November 2015, at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, in Frankfurt, Germany.

More details to follow.

04 Nov 2015
Frankfurt, Germany

PRME Chapter Brazil Meeting

We are pleased to announce the forth PRME Chapter Brazil Meeting of 2015 will be held on 10 November at ISAE in Curitiba, Brazil. More details to follow.

Learn more about the PRME Chapter Brazil here.

10 Nov 2015
Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

Save the Date – CR3+ Conference: Governance and Sustainability

We are pleased to announce the CR3+ Conference, to be held at ISAE/FVG, 11-12 November 2015, in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. The central theme of the event will be Governance and Sustainability. The PRME Chapter Brazil will hold its fourth Chapter Meeting of the year on 10 November.

The CR3+ conference is a collaborative effort between the La Trobe Business School (Australia), Audencia Nantes School of Management (France), Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki (Finland), and 2015 host ISAE/FGV in Curitiba (Brazil).

Find further details on the conference website here.

10 Nov 2015
to 12 Nov 2015
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Save the Date - 5th PRME MENA Regional Forum

We are pleased to announce that the 5th PRME MENA Regional Forum will be held on 11 November 2015, at Talal Abu Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business, German-Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan.


More details to follow.


11 Nov 2015
Amman, Jordan

Save the date - 5th PRME MENA Regional Forum

We are pleased to announce the 5th PRME MENA Regional Forum will be held on 11-12 November 2015, at Talal Abu Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business German-Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan.

More details to follow.


11 Nov 2015
to 12 Nov 2015
Amman, Jordan

Save the Date – 6th PRME Asia Forum

We are pleased to announce the 6th PRME Asia Forum India, which will take place in Goa Institute of Management (GIM), Goa, India on 27th, and 28th November 2015. The theme of the Forum is “Integrating Responsible Management.” It will be preceded by a workshop on Teaching Responsible Management on 26th November 2015.

Over the past few decades, economic growth in Asia has resulted in profit & wealth-accumulation for business, often at the cost of the environment & the poor. This could compromise the region’s stability and the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. At risk is the region’s long-term economic growth.

In this context, Asian businesses need to become more socially responsible. Every business enterprise must be responsible to the quality of lives of the people around it. According to the ISO 26000 guidelines, social responsibility is the willingness of firms to incorporate social and environmental considerations into their decision-making and to be accountable for the impact of their business decisions/ activities on society & the environment.[1]

The focus of the 6th PRME Asia Forum would be as follows:

  • Share what Business enterprises and Business Schools are doing to integrate social responsibility into their strategies, what challenges they experienced in implementation and what outcomes followed.  
  • Reflect on the role of business enterprises and Business Schools in advancing Responsible Management Education and implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
  • Motivate administrators and teachers across Business Schools to integrate social responsibility into their thought and action;
  • Assist teachers in teaching social responsibility;
  • Promote networks among B-Schools and between Business enterprises & B-Schools to implement responsibility-enhancing projects jointly
  • further discuss the next steps and activities for the PRME Chapters in Asia (PRME Chapter ASEAN +, PRME Chapter South Asia and PRME Chapter East Asia

Registration for the Forum and the workshop is now open. See the full agenda here, and for more information and registration please visit the event website here

We look forward to seeing you at Goa, India in November 2015.

Past Fora:

The 4th PRME Asia Forum was hosted by De La Salle University, Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business with support from the Asian Institute of Management and Ateneo Professional Schools in Manila, The Philippines.

The 3rd PRME Asia Forum was held at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan.

The 2nd PRME Asia Forum took place at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China 

The 1st PRME Asia Forum took place at Kyung Hee University School of Management in Seoul, Korea.

27 Nov 2015
to 28 Nov 2015
Goa, India

Save the Date – 2nd PRME Regional Meeting North America

We are pleased to announce the 2nd PRME Regional Meeting North America will be held on 4-6 February 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. This event will be co-hosted by Coles College of Business Kennesaw State University and J. Mack Robinson College of Business Georgia State University.

The meeting will build on the achievements and goals set at the 1st PRME Regional Meeting North America hosted by University of Washington at Bothell School of Business to further embed sustainability and corporate responsibility within business related education. 

The two main themes for this conference will be engagement and impact. Throughout the conference, focus will be on how schools can improve their engagement with and impact on business and cultural communities to further embed the PRME principles in higher education and society. Both engagement and impact are keys areas interest to AACSB-International.

In addition,  we will continue to work to align and unify the resources of existing and new PRME members. This is vital in order to live up to the goals set not only by the PRME, but also by the United Nations General Assembly, which will announces the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals in late September as a follow up to the original Millennium Development goals.  Both PRME and general UN goals aim to move society towards a more sustainable place in which to live.

We look forward to a great 2nd meeting, and we hope to see you in Atlanta. 

More information regarding the exact agenda and how to register will be provided at the 2015 Global Forum for Responsible Management Education in New York City (June 23-25, 2015). For questions about the 2nd PRME Regional Meeting North America, please contact Sheb True at

Learn more about the PRME Chapter North America here.

04 Feb 2016
to 06 Feb 2016
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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